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Thread: The Deluge - XVII age

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    The Deluge - XVII age

    Official Page.

    The Deluge is a modification which brings us into the cruel and bloody wars of the 17th century in eastern Europe. We will be given an ability to personify various characters of these conflicts: brave and rebelled Cossacks, ambitious Ottomans, wild and independent Tatars, fancy-hats-worshipping Swedes, or the most characteristic unit and some kind of a symbol of 17th-century warfare in eastern Europe: winged hussars cavalry fighting under the banner of the Polish Commonwealth. Moreover, some other factions are under considerations, like Tsardom of Moscow, Austria or Germany. With changes connected with Mount&Blade realm come huge differences in tactics, weapons and army types.

    Everything we’ve done in this direction is absolutely historically correct and balanced. Besides of new trooptypes and units, there is one special class to mention: engineer. These soldiers are allowed to construct things like wheeled shield, cannon that was broken, a trench or a broken piece of palisade, but also to destroy things built by someone else, using engineers axe, grenade launcher or a simple grenade. This unit allows us to create an interactive realm, where we can counstruct and remove specific part of it. As a part of this feature, we proudly present sailing, as a new tactics and transport element.

    Event Kircholm 1605.

    Lakes and rivers, which we remember as irritating obstacles from Native, totally meaningless on the battlefield, in The Deluge are extremely important strategic elements, where hard fights also occur. Therefore, we added special effects connected with water, like drowning and ammo getting destroyed from being wet. Another new feature is a circular menu, by which we can choose between some special actions, in example: sharing money with team mates, whistling for our horse (summons the horse), digging the trenches (only for engineers), taunting, giving formation and battle orders, setting our arrows on fire.


    ut the main aspect setting DLG far higher on the list of most expected mods is the care about details: animated banners, plants, new face models, many, many more particle effects, changing the daytime, openable and breakable windows, breaking polearms, pike bracing, dropping the weapon when being hit by charging horse, historical accuracy, beautiful locations, great layout… endless countdown. And, to finish, all these things make us think that you would like to play our mod and test them out. Every sabre, and every musket counts, even when we come across battle events for 200 people…

    Official Page.

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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    Fantastic mod. But why not to base it on the "M&B by Fire and Sword" game?

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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    does this mean that the mod is coming soon?

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    The new version can before Christmas.
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    I'm a fan of "Darkest Hour" Check it out here: Darkest Hour

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    So you can use the Bardiche (I got the name right, right?) to stabilize the gun?

    Will it actually increase accuracy or is it cosmetic? If it's only cosmetic it'd definitely look really nice.

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