The pre-order for Crusader Kings II went live and it's a pretty good deal you've got at your hands here. A full game in Crusader Kings Complete + 2 DLC's and you can still pre-order here:

We know that many of you've been waiting so we also released a demo for the game:

... and the manual in 4 different languages:

Curious of the team that have created Crusader Kings II? Get a brief introduction of everyone on the team here:

Turbo Tape Games, the devs behind RTS Naval War Arctic Circle, gave you a live Streaming demo of the game. You can watch the recording right here:

Neocore, the devs of King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame, broadcasted their second live streaming demo of the game showing its most epic parts this time. Watch the recording here:

JFK, Revenge!, Silverado. What do they have in common? They are all new games to be announced at GDC. Here is what we can say for now:

The 2nd dev diary for A Game of Dwarves, explaining more about the game, is now up for you to read here:

Last but not least, the updated release schedule is out. Check it out right here:

Have a great weekend and don't forget to try out the Crusader Kings II demo!

Everyone at Paradox