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Thread: Where to patch this game

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    Where to patch this game

    baught the game off of gamefly, is there any reason it doesnt have an updater in the game?? and why can i not just download and install the patch.

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    Have you contacted gamefly? Ask them if paradox/neocore have submitted patches to them, otherwise, the developer will need to answer the question.

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    I bought mine form Gamersgate but I did have to download it in it's entirety 3 times, the second time due to the mouse not working and the third because it was the only way to patch the game then I was able to update the game to the current issue. But on their site were the latest patches so there is a good bet that your provider should have them as well!
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    no they do not have them up, or they dont have them at all. why dont they just make the patch downloadable ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathdealer656 View Post
    no they do not have them up, or they dont have them at all. why dont they just make the patch downloadable ??
    I dont know if the gamersgate patches would work for your version but paradox often have a link to the gamersgate versions of the patches downloadable by registered users in their tech support part of the forum (for games like hoi3 or ck2) not sure if neocore does the same thing. It certainly is weird that you haven't gotten answers from them.

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    tyvm trying them now

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    They did not work for me. The version I got from GameFly says 1.0.05, when I tried to update using those files, it said unknown version.
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    nm i am a tard and reading is key. I kept thinking I had the 1105 version instead of what I really had, so I had to start with the 1101 patch. Thanks

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