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Thread: Morality Unit Balancing

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    Buddy the stats of the units were on the first page... you cannot argue with math...except that you did. I need not say more, anyone that can do grade school math can figure out if these two units are equal in power. I got frustrated at your innate inability to confuse the issues, despite the fact that there was very little to confuse. The fact that I even responded on this thread shows that I was merely trying to enlighten you .... to no success. I as well as others can take one look at the stats and figure out something is wrong, you throw in "context" 1+1=2 no context to be muddled with, truth absolute.

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    I cannot argue with maths but I can argue with its interpretation. And I still honestly believe you interpret them poorly since nothing you have ever said thus far shows signs of a deeper logic beyond "it feels like this unit is better", you weren't able to articulate why beyond using rhetorics (whereas Sloul had no problem doing so).

    And indeed, when actual maths logic was used rather then what you were doing, I changed my tune, again :P

    And you still don't get what I mean about context. This just proves my point about your logic being faulty since it means your judgement is incomplete or lacking.

    Honestly, it's a real tragedy I got proven wrong on this one. Had I not, you'd have learnt a valuable lesson but instead you're entrenching yourself in your views and deficient logic.
    Meh, well in the end it's your loss as if this is a reflection of how you are irl, then it's a problem that carries out in other areas. Personally I got proven wrong on a game forum, now I get to practice dealing with being categorically wrong, and I welcome the experience
    If you wanna continue this crap throwing, pm me so as not to take the thread off topic any more then we did. Think we long stopped arguing about seraphs and guardians.
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    Buddy, buddy, buddy say what ever it is that makes you feel better. Soul only really stated what was already said by OP. Nobody except you had any problem with figuring it out. Maybe I need to work on articulating things better. That my friend, is far better then being stuck with a complete inability to understand simple concepts. Anyone can read what I wrote and easily understand what I am saying... and I made that easy I provided screenshots. Your the one who whined about: Unit A cannot be better then unit B. If honestly I was so poor in conveying my thoughts I think you would have multiple buddies... its just you, move along now.

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    Likewise But to clarify it is your argumentation that makes me feel better more then my assesment of your flaws. I get an entirely different satisfaction from that.

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    Considering you, French and Frank are the only ones bragging about their complete incompetence regarding the ability to sift through and analyze data; I think it is safe for me to join the others and just silently laugh.

    I think I know what is going on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEN8p...eature=related
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    For once we are both in agreement

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