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Thread: Budapest sector lost, Rome sector lost

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    Budapest sector lost, Rome sector lost

    As USSR recently had these events, both caused 2% dissent hit. Kind of get this if lost by enemy action but actually caused when I created Hungary and Italy... for which I already take a dissent hit based on the authoritarianism rating. Don't see how such an occurrence would cause such dissent considering it is already factored into dissent for other countries that don't have specific events. Surely the event should be modified to exclude political reasons?
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    I'm not sure that you could code it that way to account that you 'loose' the province to your puppet. In a test game as Germany I had invaded the US and accepted the peace treaty you get after knocking out a good portion of their VP. Accepting that treaty meant I got a bunch of those events as I 'lost' all the territory east of the Mississippi River.
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