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Thread: Fool me twice, shame on me.

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    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Earlier this year, I bought Sword the Stars II. It was absolutely terrible at launch and took a while to get it to be playable. An incomplete game at launch. I thought, no biggie. Surely Paradox's next game will be fine.
    Then I bought King Arthur II and the exact same thing happens.

    Well, Paradox, this customer has lost a lot of faith in you. I won't say I will never buy your games again, but I certainly will wait until they are at bargain prices. You just can't be trusted anymore.

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    I don't mind a slightly broken game at launch provided the devs are responsive in getting fixes out, and Paradox has been doing just that.

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    I feel you man. After getting burned too many times I became cautious and took the principle of not going for pre-orders anymore. Only guaranteed good games. Hopefully this will be one of those but now the performance issues keep me away.

    Pro tip: Only buy after release and after reading the forums and tech issues.

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    I'm usually the first to blast Paradox games, but to be fair this game is pretty much fixed up after a couple weeks, with nothing but balance issues and minor bugs left to address. There were severe gameplay bugs at release, but nothing major left to fix now.

    Now performance is still a huge issue. Getting <30fps on a really pimped out rig is just poor optimisation. Still, if you can run the game, it's pretty much complete, although performance isn't great.

    Compare that with SotS2 (which I got a refund for), which is still a piece of crap after months, and is still missing core promised features.

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    I'm still puzzled: how do you release a game that runs 15 fps on campaign map, running on a 6 CPU / 2 GPU rig with loads of RAM ?

    At least they released demo beforehand sparing me a serious headache again.

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    I agree.. For the most part. The whole thing around SOTS2 made me infuriated. I feelt fooled and tricked. I hate that game even though i got a refund.
    Strangely enough i dont have the same heated feelings for the King arthur 2 bugs. I am one of those with the performance issues. Thoug my performance is playable, its not what i would call enjoyable. Im just hoping they can narrow down what is causing it so i can enjoy it to its fullest.

    I for one will be a little bit more careful with my preorders from Paradox. But i cant help but wanting to support our small Swedish publishers either.

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