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Thread: Hi, how to change France?

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    Hi, how to change France?

    I'm really not sure which forum is the right one, so I'll just post here...

    I play For The Glory somewhat regularly, but each time I get back to the game, I get significantly turned off by France. What has happened with the country that makes it act like it does? I'm not a particulary good player, and don't have a problem getting my butt kicked by computers. But somehow France always manages to jump towards land tech level 11 in 1500 AD with about 100,000 soldiers, which just ruins it for me. It's simply stupid.

    I don't think it's fun to have to keep your eyes towards the west because France is such a threat all of Europe has to play by her rules. It's always France or nil - whether I end a game succesfully by focusing on conquering as much as possible of Europe is usually determined whether I conquer France or not. Austra, Britain, Russia, Spain and Prussia are threats too, but each ridiculously easy to get by compared to France. When making a decision that'll worsen my badboy and put me at risk, each game I have to take two parties into question; how will the biggest neighbour react - and how will France react?

    I don't like France to be such a big player in my games. I want it to be strong of course - but equal with the other great powers, not the mess it currently is. When I asked a more 'pro' guy I know about France in EU2, he simply replied with "Yea, Paradox Entertainment has a severe crush on France."

    How do I change this? Are there any mods out there that simply balance the normal game - not agceep, since it fundamentally changes it - so France isn't the wreck it is right now? Or can somehow give me a pointer on how to mod France a little myself so they won't be a broken hegemon every single game?

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    A good (and fairly accurate) way to help nerf FRA would be to add Occitan culture to the south of France, but not give it to FRA as an accepted culture. It'll still have cores on the area, but its tax and manpower will be reduced, and it'll have slightly higher revolt risk.

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