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Thread: Summary of coverage from #PdxCon

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    Summary of coverage from #PdxCon

    War of the Roses

    Bit-Gamer - War of the Roses Preview:

    Games Radar - War of the Roses Preview:

    Games Radar - War of the Roses Preview & Video Interview (in French):

    You Gamers - War of the Roses Video Preview:

    Inc Gamers: War of the Roses, Dev Diary, Interview w/ Gordon

    PC Gamers World: War of the Roses Intervew w/ Gordon

    Warlock: Master of the Arcane

    RTS Guru - Warlock Preview:

    Game Shark - Warlock Preview:

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Warlock Preview:

    Naval War Arctic Circle

    Gamers Daily News - NWAC report:

    RTS Guru - Naval War Arctic Circle Preview:

    GameTrailers - Naval War Arctic Circle Walkthroughs in 3 parts:

    Napoloen's Campaigns II

    Cyber Stratege Interviews for Crusader Kings II & Napoleon's Campaigns II:

    VG247 - Napoleon's Campaigns II News:

    Gamers Daily News - Napoleon's Campaigns II News:

    A Game of Dwarves

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - A Game of Dwarves Announced:

    Strategy Informer - A Game of Dwarves Announced:

    PC Game Spy: A Game of Dwarves Announced:

    Joystiq: A Game of Dwarves Announced:

    Strategy Informer - A Game of Dwarves Interview:

    Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin

    Gamerzines -Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin:

    My Gaming - Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin:

    Game Star - Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin: (in German),2563944.html

    Crusader Kings II

    Gamer Home - Crusader Kings II Preview:

    Cyber Stratege Interviews for CK2 & Napoleon's Campaigns 2:

    Victoria II: A House Divided

    Victoria II: A House Divided video interview:


    MMORPG - Salem Preview:

    Gamers Daily News - Salem Preview:

    Gettysburg Armoured Warfare

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Gettysburg Armoured Warfare Preview:

    Gamespy - Gettysburg Armoured Warfare Preview:

    Game Trailers - Gettysburg Armoured Warfare Preview:

    General Coverage

    B Gamer - PIC 2012 General Article (in Portugese):

    Game Spy - Fred's Interview:

    Game Reactor - Fred Interview:

    PC Gamer - Fred's Presentation:

    Softpedia - Fred's Presentation (Consoles):

    Strategy Informer - Fredrik Presentation (Consoles):

    Computer Video Games - Fredrik Presentation (Consoles):

    VG247 -Fredriks Presentation:

    Game Over - General News from PIC 2012:

    News10 - General News from PIC 2012:

    Game Squad -General News from PIC 2012:

    Dual Shockers - General News from PIC 2012:

    IGN - General News from PIC 2012:

    Gamercast - PdxCon roundup:

    Gamereactor - PdxCon General Article:

    Gamereactor - Video from the Press conference:

    Gamers Critic - PdxCon General Article (Italian): [/B]
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    That's a lot of coverage.

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    1 coverage:
    About Fredrik's claim about consoles going to become part of TVs.
    About NappyII.
    About Game of Dwarves.
    About Magica.
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    I like how IGN calls you guys an Indie developer. How long until Pdox is no-longer an Indie developer?
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