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Thread: Patch blank and slightly fix models for germany

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    Patch blank and slightly fix models for germany

    MODEL_GER_12_0;Heinkel He112B;;;;;;;;;;"X	# No model assigned on purpose"
    MODEL_GER_12_1;Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-0;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_2;Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_3;Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_4;Focke-Wulf Ta 152H-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_5;Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a Schwalbe;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_6;Ho 229 Flying Wing;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_7;Focke-Wulf Fw P250;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_12_8;Heinkel He P1112;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_0;Arado Ar 65;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_1;Heinkel He 51;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_2;Messerschmitt Bf 109C-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_3;Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_4;Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_5;Messerschmitt Bf 109K-4;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_6;Heinkel He 162A-2;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_7;Focke-Wulf Ta 183;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_13_8;Lippisch Li P.15;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_3;Messerschmitt Bf 110B-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_4;Messerschmitt Bf 110C-4;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_5;Messerschmitt Me 210;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_6;Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 Hornisse;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_7;Dornier Do 335A-1 Pfeil;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_15_8;Messerschmitt Me P1102;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_3;Henschel Hs 123A-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_4;Junkers Ju 87B Stuka;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_5;Junkers Ju 87D-1 Stuka;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_6;Henschel Hs 129B;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_7;Messerschmitt Me 329;;;;;;;;;;X # No model assigned on purpose
    MODEL_GER_17_8;Henschel Hs 132C;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_17_9;Heinkel He P1080;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_7_4;VK1602 Leopard;VK1602 Leopard;VK1602 Leopard;VK1602 Leopard;VK1602 Leopard;VK1602 Leopard;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_0;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;PzKpfw.Ib Bde.;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_1;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;PzKpfw.IIa & PzKpfw.Ib;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_2;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;PzKpfw.IIId & PzKpfw.IVc;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_3;PzKpfw.IIIh & PzKpfw.IVf1;PzKpfw.IIIh & PzKpfw.IVf1;PzKpfw.III & PzKpfw.IVf1;PzKpfw.IIIh & PzKpfw.IVf1;PzKpfw.IIIh & PzKpfw.IVf1;PzKpfw.IIIh & PzKpfw.IVf1;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_4;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;PzKpfw.IVg & PzKpfw.IIIn;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_5;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;PzKpfw.Vg & PzKpfw.IVh;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_6;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;PzKpfw.Vf & PzKpfw.IVj;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_5_7;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;PzKpfw. E-50 & PzKpfw.Vf;;;;;X    
    #the model number was wrong!
    MODEL_GER_15_0;Dornier Do 17E-1;;;;;;;;;;X 
    MODEL_GER_15_1;Heinkel He 111B-2;;;;;;;;;;X 
    MODEL_GER_15_2;Junkers Ju 88A-4;;;;;;;;;;X 
    MODEL_GER_15_3;Junkers Ju 188A-2;;;;;;;;;;X 
    MODEL_GER_15_4;Junkers Ju 288A;;;;;;;;;;X 
    MODEL_GER_15_5;Arado Ar 234B Blitz;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_15_6;Heinkel He 343;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_15_7;Horten Ho XVIIIB;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_28_0;Type IIA-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_1;Type I-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_2;Type IIB-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_3;Type IXA-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_4;Type VIIB-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_5;Type IXC-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_6;Type VIIC41-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_7;Type XXVI-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_8;Type XXIA-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_28_9;Type XXIC-class SS;;;;;;;;;;x
    MODEL_GER_18_0;Junkers Ju 52/3m g2e;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_18_1;Junkers Ju 52/3m g4e;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_18_2;Arado Ar 232;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_18_3;Messerschmitt Me 323D Gigant;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_18_4;Junkers Ju 352A-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_18_5;Junkers Ju 390A-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_16_0;Dornier Do 18;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_16_1;Dornier Do 24;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_16_2;Blohm & Voss BV 138;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_16_3;Junkers Ju 290A-5;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_16_4;Junkers Ju 390B;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_0;Junkers Ju 86D-1;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_1;Dornier Do 217E;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_2;Heinkel He 177A-3 Greif;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_3;Heinkel He 277A;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_4;Heinkel He 274;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_5;Junkers EF 132;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_6;Air-refueled EF 132;;;;;;;;;;X
    MODEL_GER_14_8;Junkers Ju 390C;;;;;;;;;;X
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_0;He 51 / Hs 123;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_1;Ar 197 / Hs 123;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_2;Bf 109T-1 / Ju 87C Stuka / Fi 167;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_3;Bf 109T-2 / Ju 87C Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_4;Me 155A / Ju 87E Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_5;Fw 190T / Ju 87E Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_6;He 162 / Hs 132;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_14_7;Ta 183 / Hs 132;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_0;He 51 / Hs 123;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_1;Ar 197 / Hs 123;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_2;Bf 109T-1 / Ju 87C Stuka / Fi 167;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_3;Bf 109T-2 / Ju 87C Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_4;Me 155A / Ju 87E Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_5;Fw 190T / Ju 87E Stuka;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_6;He 162 / Hs 132;;;;;;;;;;x
    BRIG_MODEL_GER_16_7;Ta 183 / Hs 132;;;;;;;;;;x
    This is my version of models. Is anyone interested about it?
    Sorry for my bad English. I cannot explain how I arranged those models fully in detail.
    If someone has doubt about something in the list, I will try to explain it as much as i can.
    The bmp files and txt file are in my attachment file.
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    Very interesting! I've spotted this line, though:

    BRIG_MODEL_GER_7_4;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;;;;;X
    where there should be a typo - I guess you meant "Leopard".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan79 View Post
    Very interesting! I've spotted this line, though:

    BRIG_MODEL_GER_7_4;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;VK1602 Loepard;;;;;X
    where there should be a typo - I guess you meant "Leopard".
    yeah you found it!!
    Leopard undoubtedly.

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    I changed the incorrect model number for 0.60, thanks for spotting this.

    Regarding the other proposals, I´d need a team member who is more knowledgeable than me regarding what was originally intended to drop by and give an opinion.

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    I don't understand one thing. The brigade picture (in rar) "ill_bri_ger_16_3" what exactly is it. Light cag? Does it show up ingame? If so, how?

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    Thanks your question.
    It should be light CV's CAG Bf109T-2/Ju 87C and updated picture (Ju 87C) in this thread.
    I forgot updating regular CV's CAG pictures in the thread.
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    I think you haven't understood me corectly. AFAIK there are only 15 types of brigades. With ""ill_bri_14" being regular CAG for big carriers, then "ill_bri_15" for escort planes and there is no such brigade as ""ill_bri_16" or at least it doesnt show up ingame. If you can make the game to show up light carriers as a brigade picture that would be mighty fine to know how?

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    OK i know what you talking about.
    CORE converts naval_asw brigade to light carrier CAG.

    So there is no model pictures for light CAG.
    I was also confused by ill_bri_14 and ill_bri_16.
    ill_bri_16 may be purposed to be light carrier CAG.
    But official engine cannot convert "naval_asw" brigade like regular CAG having model pictures.

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