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Thread: Metaserver Bad Username?

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    Metaserver Bad Username?

    Hi everyone... I know this is probably one subject everyone is tired of hearing... but I can't connect to the metaserver because of a "bad username" but I'm using my username Xeones906... ummm, I'm not really sure what I need to do to fix this at all... I have EU3 Complete, HTTT, and Divine Wind registered and I just double checked it right now. Anyone have any ideas? :\

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    When I look under your name I only see HOI3 registered. are you certain you didn't by accident register those EU games you mention to another account?

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    I'm having the same issue at the moment - I'm trying to connect with DW 5.1 and keeps giving me the same error. If it means anything, I bought EU3 via steam and had some issues registering CD-keys for a while, but last I looked everything was showing up properly.

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    hey im having the same problem here that it says all the time bad username
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    My friends and I are having trouble getting any of the multiplayer to work. Port Forwarding fails and the metaserver is telling us bad logins.

    We all registered on here, confirmed on here and registered our CD keys but still nothing works...

    any ideas?

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    Hopefully it's HoI3 you are trying to play, as that's all you have registered. Try going to the My Games menu and click on "Reset Password". If that doesn't help perhaps the metaserver is down, I'm not sure. If it is you should be able to play via Direct IP; ask in the HoI3 MP forum for more specific help on that.
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    I have same problems in CK2 how i can fix it ?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MORG11 View Post
    I have same problems in CK2 how i can fix it ?!
    Hi It is generally considered bad form to resurrect threads this old. "Necromancy"
    If you are having an issue with MP Metaserver, for a particular game, you should post in that games MP forum or Tech support forum.
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