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Thread: RRW's PICON 2012 AAR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castellon View Post
    Thanks for the write up RRW, Glad you could attend, really great to meet you in person.
    As for the amnesia ray, well ... you really really don't want to know.
    Is it in any way related to the alien that burst out of my chest yesterday during dinner?

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    It's funny, I say in this AAR how I don't know anoyne else who playes these games, then I found out yesterday that one of my brothers-in-law is an EU3 player and a forumite. We need some sort of a secret handshake, like the Stonecutters

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRalphWiggum View Post
    We need some sort of a secret handshake, like the Stonecutters
    Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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    Few more pics... those in them can identify themselves if they want

    Click image for larger version

Name:	404787_10150633806079575_166743484574_11323051_133708546_n.jpg
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ID:	46177Click image for larger version

Name:	401509_10150633806784575_166743484574_11323057_43050286_n.jpg
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ID:	46178Click image for larger version

Name:	395650_10150633807164575_166743484574_11323061_1741374672_n.jpg
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Name:	409455_10150633807259575_166743484574_11323062_2027738497_n.jpg
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Name:	396722_10150633807644575_166743484574_11323066_1210260382_n.jpg
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    Back of this guy's head is pretty sexy I think Click image for larger version

Name:	408849_10150633810054575_166743484574_11323094_674193393_n.jpg
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    Violence! Click image for larger version

Name:	401163_10150633808199575_166743484574_11323076_1259259872_n.jpg
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    The guys laugh at my utter ineptitude Click image for larger version

Name:	400450_10150633810184575_166743484574_11323095_569842624_n.jpg
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    Fredrik has a vision telling him to make a sequel to Stalin vs the Martians called Khrushchev vs the Martians Click image for larger version

Name:	399789_10150633810454575_166743484574_11323097_2063837359_n.jpg
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