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Thread: A bunch of issues and comments/ suggestions ive noticed

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    A bunch of issues and comments/ suggestions ive noticed

    1. Half the World powers have incorrect leaders at times. Churchill leading the UK in the 60's for example, and lots of the Eastern European leaders being wrong. (Klemett Gottwald of Czechoslovakia died in 1953, still leader in `67) De Gaulle was leader in the 60s`of France, but not in the 50`s.

    2. Never ending wars. France happened to declare war on china in 1949 defend south vietnam, and this war literally never ended. Currently in 1967 and france and NATO have carved out large parts of china through hong kong but the war literally never ends and each side takes hundreds of thousands of casualties. Vietnam is already communist. Dont the ai get that these huge wars dont work? Another example would be isreal getting wiped out int he Suez crisis and the sino indian war, which lasted a week irl, never ending. They dont get the concept of escalation because there is no real threat of nuclear war between the ai.

    3. Castro never takes over Cuba and the Cuban missile crisis dosent happen.

    4. Congo Crisis dosent happen. Also, Iran 1953 coup dosent happen.

    5. West Africa and Equatorial Africa which split into many countries by 1967, still are together. Mauritania, Ivory Coast ect never become countries.

    6. Stupid deals, like when i try to do a deal with anyone they always ask for 100 million dollars.

    7. AI dosent research anything. Its `67 and the USSR and USA have almost no missiles of any kind, and their airforce is 10 years behind.

    8. AI dosent built any more research stations, uranium mines and many other facilities.

    9. Its nearly impossible to find your nuclear weapons if you arent a superpower.

    10. AI RARELY accepts peace treaties.

    One other thing id like to add is flag changes.

    Egypt's flag changes in 1953, and again in 1958

    South and North Yemen's flags both change (also why does south yemens name stay as aden protectorate?)

    SO why do only Canada and Mexico's flags changing actually happen when MANY other countries change their flags when they become independent, like North Rhodesia?

    ALso, SOuth Rhodesia becomes independant from the UK in '65 (UDI) but this dosent happen.

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    does anyone even care? bump

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    Well, these are known problems; the BG folks are working on them. Many of the things you note are purely event-driven (e.g., Castro shows up on schedule, does what he did historically, then the exact same set of historical events occur that result in the exact same Cuban Missile Crisis, et al). If you check their forums, these issues have been noted from Day 1. That, not the lack of interest, is probably why you have a bunch of views but no replies on this thread.

    I'm just a player like you, but I can take a swag at some of your points

    #2--this is a problem with the Proxy War system. If it was just France and SVN, then the war would not spread like that. However, the game treats Vietnam just like West Germany, so everyone comes to play. My sense is you have a game set on VH or High volitility. That usually ends up with France or China declaring war over Vietnam and the AI only rarely offers peace (usually when one side has pretty much won). Nukes: If you want more use, lower the threshold. There is a setting to lower the nuke use penalties in the Options tab. Same with UN effects, et al. That encourages the AI to use them.

    #3 and #4: These are not event driven. You have to (or the AI has to) put the time, money and effort into making those occur. In other words, use spies and the political tab to sponsor coups, et al.

    #6: Yeah, that happens. Especially if you are playing a small country (like South Africa). You can also change the amount to trade/etc in the diplo screen; you'll be surprised to find the AI will often accept less than the set amount, esp. if you have great relations with them and the UN>

    #7: This happens when the AI doesn't fight a lot. No losses means fewer new units. I've played many games as the USA and had MiG-21's fighting me in the mid/late 1950s, along with modern armor, artillery and infantry. Try a game with the setting "no units"--the AI will build the best from the start. Be warned, that the AI often ignores some unit types for others (e.g., the USSR won't build the navy it has in the normal scenario start in 1949).

    #8: hit and miss on this; I've seen the AI build sometimes, and not others. My bet is there is some sort of tweak that you could do in teh AIparams file to force more building. The Supremewiki has all the info on modding. Not too hard once you get used to the files.

    #9: Missiles can be tricky. The US/USSR have it easy with the Strategic Pool, but all other countries have to load them one at a time. Go to the units deployed tab (under your def minister) and go down to the missile button. It will show you what is available; your reserve tab will show the ones you have in reserve as well. A bit funky but you get used to it.

    #10: Agreed. It is not like Victoria or HOI; the AI in SRCW tends to fight until the end. I like to think of SRCW as less of a simulation of history than a sandbox/world conquest game. Too bad--I wish it would be more likely to take a peace offer/offer peace.

    Could not agree more on flags, etc. but the BG guys don't have a team of dozens doing graphics. A small team, I think they have 1 actual coder.

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