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Thread: Why the changes?

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    Why the changes?

    Can you please explain what the major changes (and there are a few) in this version and why you made them?
    Robert Glaub

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    Quote Originally Posted by rwglaub View Post
    Can you please explain what the major changes (and there are a few) in this version and why you made them?
    Version 14.112:
    -fixed some advisors that didnt cost 20% (reported by Cykur).
    -manufacturies are no longer considered manufacturies and only arts academy and universities can be built (unless you cheat).
    -changed revolution and counter rev to 'art of war', changed effects.
    -fixed a possible bug where there was lacking percentages which seems to have fixed the election system.
    -positive stability now reduces war exhaustion (based on feedback from rwglaub).
    TN Buccaneer.txt:
    -fixed a bug that didnt allow the last BUC province to be annexed.
    TN Nations.txt:
    -adjusted the MTTH for years in the PRU event based on advice by 17blue17.
    TN Rebels.txt:
    -added a CB to the REB Island event.
    TN Republics.txt:
    -added some tags to ensure proper election cycles.
    TN Ribelanto.txt:
    -renamed the file to Rebels.
    TN Unknown.txt:
    -diamonds will be a bit more rare in events before 1866 (based on suggestions by Cykur and 17blue17).
    -balanced the appearence rates of Gold, Silver, Iron, and Copper based on feedback from 17blue17 and Cykur.
    -gold and diamonds will happen half as often if there is a neighbor province with the same good.
    TN Vassals.txt:
    -added BUC modifier to AI vassal event.
    -modified the file so the close button can be used.
    -removed file.
    -modified the file so the close button can be used.
    -modified the file.
    -added fort1.
    -changed the path to the custom hre_bg.dds file.
    TN Buildings.csv:
    -changed 'manufactury texts.
    TN IdeasH.csv:
    -changed the name and description for revolution and counter rev.
    TN LoadingH.csv:
    -fixed a loading tip.
    TN SystemH.csv:
    -changed colors of Colonization log.
    i plan on overhauling the trade goods so that there is two sets of goos for each 'type' basicly a raw good like iron for example and then a good like weapons for example. Therefore I removed the 'manufactury' buildings.

    The election system was fixed.

    revolution and counter rev didnt work correctly and was poorly modeled by PI anyway.

    balanced some of the goods events.

    i hope this answers some of your questions, if not please ask me further.

    the terrain file was named with a non-unicode character i guess. which conflicted with my computer due to my use of the Hebrew langauge in my typing sometimes. So, the file was not properly handled by the installer program i use. I will have to find a better one in order to fix this.
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