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Thread: HRE Peace Conference

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    HRE Peace Conference

    Quote Originally Posted by mbaratta83 View Post
    Bug Heading: problem with 30 years war peace conference implementation

    Don't know if this has been mentioned yet but Catholic bishoprics fail to mediatize after the peace conference ends (the decision to mediatize them WAS approved and global flag fires). Also, when I become hereditary emperor, the global flag waiting_for_heredity remains and prevents me from implementing HRE decisions. I changed the text "set_global_flag = waiting_for_heredity" on line 10125 in HRE_thirty_years_war.txt to "clr" and problem went away but don't know how this is supposed to be working. Clueless about the bishoprics though.
    Both these problems still persist; has anyone knowledgeable found a way around them?
    The bishoprics failing to become part of demesne is kind of disappointing...

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    Have you tried posting this in the SRI forums? Helius is far more likely to read about it there.
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