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Thread: Darkest Hour LibrAARy - Update thread

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    Darkest Hour LibrAARy - Update thread

    Welcome to the update thread. If you want to add your AAR to central librAARy, report about it. Here are some tips that would help you to add an AAR

    1. Title of the AAR
    2. URL to it
    3. Country
    4. Scenario or timeframe
    5. Categories (can be found here, country and author are essential),
    6. Style of writing (Narrative, History-book, Graphic-based, Character-based, Gameplay-based)

    When you finish or abandon your AAR, you should inform us in this thread:

    1. Date of finishing the AAR
    2. Final timeframe
    3. Reason of finishing (complete, abandoned, corrupt save)
    4. Would it be continued or not
    5. Which awards did the AAR receive

    So, that's all. Write AARs, play Darkest Hour, have fun!
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    So, I'll be the first

    1. The Darkest Hour of the Russian Empire
    3. Russia
    4. The Great war, 1914
    5. Categories: WW1 AARs, Complete AARs
    6. Style of writing: History-book + Graphic-based
    7. Date of finishing the AAR: 06-12-2011
    8. Final timeframe: 1914-1918
    9. Reason of finishing: Complete
    10. Would it be continued or not: Already continued
    11. Which awards did the AAR receive: None at the moment

    1. The Darkest Hour of the Russian Empire 2
    3. Russia
    4. The Great war, 1914 -> The Day of Decision, 1933
    5. Categories: only essential
    6. Style of writing: History-book + Graphic-based

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    Since I get so little comments, I guess I need to try some marketing

    1. The Lion's tale - Bulgaria in World War I
    3. Bulgaria
    4. The Great War 1914
    5. Categories: WW1 AARs, Bulgaria
    6. History book
    Reached a verge of total defeat in Fine Feats with Finland Succession Game (And returned. Nothing really special)
    Proposed a heretic Italian State in Serpents in Lombardian Paradise Succession Game (Forget the pope - Cathedral of Pure Faith rocks!)
    The Lion's Tale - Bulgaria in World War I
    Полоцкая летопись - Tale of the descendants of Rogvolod, prince of Polotsk (finished in mid XIII century due to LoR coming out)
    Children of the Foreign Blood - Lux Invcta Arabo-Slavic campaign (ended in XIII century due to savegame crash after Steam update)
    Recieved The First Cookie for Services to Syndicalism! on March 11th, 2010, yay!

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    1. The Torch of the Mediterranean
    3. "Italy" (The Socialist Republic of Italy)
    4. Kaiserreich
    5. Categories: Italy, Kaiserreich
    6. History book (I guess?)
    Torch of the Mediterranean, a Kaiserreich-DH AAR, Weekly AAR Winner 6/19/11, Character Writer of the Week 2/26/12

    This is where I put some quotes

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    Heir to the ThroneLeviathan: WarshipsMagickaRome GoldSemper Fi
    SengokuSupreme Ruler 2020 GoldSupreme Ruler: Cold WarThe Showdown EffectVictoria 2
    Victoria II: A House DividedVictoria II: Heart of DarknessMount & Blade: WarbandWarlock: Master of the ArcaneWar of the Roses
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    1. The Eternal State
    3. Ottoman Empire
    4. Kaiserreich
    5. Categories: Ottoman Empire, Kaiserreich
    6. Narrative/History book (?) - Perhaps you should put the list of styles
    The Eternal State - a DH-KR Ottoman AAR - Dropped due to health reasons

    Struggle for the Mediterranean - a BOR Punic War MP AAR
    - Dropped due to AGEOD leaving Paradox

    One of these days I will actually finish an AAR

    "Holy Roman Empire. Neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. But it doesn't have any oil so no reason for military intervention" -Voltaire.

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    OK, I've added the most common styles. Thanks for reporting, guys, and one note - category of country is essential, you don't need to write it So you can only write "Kaiserreich" instead of "Ottoman Empire, Kaiserrech".

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    1. Vive L'Empereur - The Rise of the Third French Empire
    3. National France
    4. Kaiserreich
    5. Categories: Kaiserrech AARs, National France, Authors A-K
    6. History book + Character based
    The Rise of the Third French Empire
    (A Kaiserreich National France AAR)
    Winner of Best AAR of January 2012, Winner of the AARland Choice AwAARds 2012 (Round 2) in the 'Other AAR' category

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    GER / MV / SN
    1. The Third Counterweight - Norway Kaiserreich
    3. Norway
    4. Kaiserreich
    5. Categories: Kaiserreich AARs, Norway, Authors L-S
    6. Style of writing: Graphic-based
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    1. We were for centuries downtrodden, derided
    3. Italy (Italian Republic - South)
    4. Kaiserreich
    5. Italian Republic, Kaiserreich (DH), Countries H-R
    6. Gameplay-Based
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    1. L'Homme dans L'Ombre
    3. Not Applicable
    4. Kaiserreich 1936-64
    5. Kaiserreich AAR, AARPG, Authors A-K, Interactive
    6. Character-based
    Earth Needs You!
    OPERATION BLUE DANUBE, (It's still a thing)

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    1. Title of the AAR: Cuba Hands Off 36 New EXE
    2. URL to it:!
    3. Country: Cuba
    4. Scenario or timeframe: 36 Scenario with the new 1.02 EXE, prerelease
    5. Categories: WW II, Complete, Author L-S
    6. Style of writing: Hands Off Gameplay-based

    1. Title of the AAR: 1933 Italy 1.03 beta
    2. URL to it:
    3. Country: Italy
    4. Scenario or timeframe: 33 Scenario New prerelease 1.03 Beta
    5. Categories: WWII, In Progress, Author L-S
    6. Style of writing: Gameplay-based
    7. Status: Completed

    1. Title of the AAR: "He may be an SOB, but he is our kind of SOB"
    2. URL to it:
    3. Country: USA
    4. Scenario or timeframe: 36 KR
    5. Categories: KR, Complete, Author L-S
    6. Style of writing: Gameplay-based

    1. Title: Rebuilding an Empire: Fascist UK
    3. UK
    4. 33 scenario 1.03 Beta
    5. Categories: 33, Author L-S
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    "If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; may your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

    Bloody, Bloody Sunday WWCLIII

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    Deep Inside the Beltway
    Blog Entries
    1. The American Experience 1917-1964
    3. United States of America
    4. Arms, Armistice and Revolutions, 1914
    5. ,Country S-Z, Authors A-K,
    6. History Book
    Obessively following Nathan Madien's excellent AAR: The Presidents: Vietnam War Edition and check out my own AAR: The American Experience 1912-1964

    Unapologetic, Arrogant, Unserious, Uncultured, Warmongering, Pyromaniac American Patriot. (As in I can take a joke about my country as long as you can take a joke or to about yours.) But seriously, I love the whole world, so don't take offense at my occasional bits of exaggerated jingoism, I'm really actually pretty open-minded.

    -.-. --.- -.. / -- --. -.--

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    The only part of California that isn't sunny
    1. The Kingfish - A Fascist United States AAR
    3. United States
    4. 1933
    5. Country S-Z, Author L-S
    6. History Book
    "I have always thought the actions of men the best interpretations of their thoughts." -John Locke

    I got an AAR too: The Kingfish - A Fascist United States AAR

    And another: An Arm of Iron-A Narrative Stannis AAR

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    1. The Grasshopper in the High Castle
    3. Russia
    4. Kaiserreich 1921-1953
    5. Country H-R Author T-Z
    6. First Person/Hindsight, May develop into History-book Esque style

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    Heir to the Throne500k club

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    1. An Oriental Struggle
    3. Ottoman Empire
    4. mod1914; Jan. 1914-
    5. Categories: WW1 AARs, country: S-Z ("Turkey"), author: A-K
    6. Style of writing: Gameplay-based, History-book
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    1. Time of Troubles---A Fascist Russia KR-AAR
    3. Russia
    4. Kaiserreich 1936-????
    5. Kaiserreich AARs, Author: T-Z,
    6. Style of writing: Gameplay-based, History-book

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    1. The Great Patriotic War
    3. Soviet Union
    4. Awakening the Giant, beginning on 22 June 1941
    5. Country: Soviet Union Author: casual
    6. Graphic-based, Character-based, Gameplay-based

    Joseph Stalin: "The Pope? How many divisions has he got?"

    Napoleon Bonaparte: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

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    Both uploaded, thanks

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    House of the Rising Sun
    1. Title: Rojo y Negro - Iberia in the 20th Century
    2. URL:
    3. Country: Spain
    4. Scenario: 1936
    5. Categories: Ongoing, Spain, gll25, narrative...
    6. Style: narrative

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