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Thread: What types of people are CK2 players?

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    33 years old and lawyer

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    The tribal caverns of the Hippie Nerds
    27 years old, male. I have a master's degree in public administration. Currently working as an education administrator (at Karolinska Institutet, the place where they decides who to get the Nobel prize in medicine. I'm not really involved in that work, tho ). Interested in politics, history and social science.

    Started playing strategy games at the age of 11 (Civ I), found EUIII only this autumn. Haven't tried CK I, I'm curious of the coming game.
    "Never underestimate a ruler who can afford to hire all mercenary companies at once."

    - Norse medieval proverb

    "While you can play as civilizations such as the Aztec Empire, the game is clearly designed to focus on the European powers (which is probably why they didn’t call it Every Country is Equally Viable Universalis)."

    - PC Gamer review

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    22 yrs old. senior college/ pre-med going into med school for podiatry

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    I'm 40 and a beer drinker

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    24, graduate student focused on medieval legal justifications for secular power.

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    I am 32, working in the games industry as a development manager.

    Been playing PI titles since EUI and CK is still one of my favorites.

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    36 years old, seaman.

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    I'm a 25 year old Advertising executive, applying to business schools. Have a BA in History - with a concentration in modern European military history.
    "Let them hate, so long as they fear." -- Lucius Accius

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    Lodz, Poland
    26 year old, MSc. in biotechnology, playing Paradox games since EU2

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    29 years old, network admin for a major ISP. Elevated interest in politics, history and finance. Vivid imagination, greatly enjoy roleplaying and historical strategy games.

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    22 years old turning 23. First year as a medical intern. In Perth, Western Australia.

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    21 years old unemployed high school dropout.

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    27 years old with a Diploma in Electrical Electronics now an Associate Engineer. Singapore, Singapore.

    And I Love Grand Strategy Games

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    Thirty-nine, in denial about the upcoming birthday, community developer and support manager at a small IT/entertainment company, former editor for a variety of gaming/computer magazines (late 1980s and 90s, frequently missing it), part-time translator, clueless about anything economical, likes cats.

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    33 years old PM and SC-Engineer.
    Likes every form of strategy, history, roleplay and other nerd thingies

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    29 year old stay at home dad history major/nut, and economics enthusiast. Wife is a doctor, so I got demoted from e-commerce to baby duties (pun intended). Paradox games are the only ones I can play anymore.

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    18 years old high school student, pretty much normal life... Feels so young to be here

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    Jun 2007
    Some northern contry
    26 year old PhD candidate in political philosophy.

    In this game, I love the role play. I like to play a tyranical duke that survive plot and stuff... I don't play to conquer, but to try and explore social relation. Mariage, religion, war etc... A played in the demo a good duke and his son was a tyranical that ruined everything. I loved my experience.

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    42 year old Software Engineer.

    I'm a lifelong medievalist, but I love the whole concept of Crusader Kings: creating a family tree, roleplaying the characters within it and forging a dynasty. No other game capturees the medieval period the way Crusader Kings does.

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    39 years old, Infrastructure solutions Engineer (aka IT)

    History buff, and Paradox gamer since HOI 1, EU 1 and CK.
    Mostly like Strategy and RPG games.

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