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Thread: AHD DD13 - Christmas Special!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasily View Post
    It would be super if we could get a wallpaper with a Balkan theme. We're far too often ignored in many historical games despite the pivotal role our region played throughout history.
    Giant Byzantine flag on top of the Eiffel Tower?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wyattmcp View Post
    So that puts us three weeks without a DD?! :O Oh, my I'm going to be so excited when the next one comes out
    Except, in my experience, map DD's are generally the shortest...

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    I agree, though I think Byzantine Flags flying over Paris might be too subtle. I'd say the Communist (URT) Byzantine Flag being planted on Mount Everest.
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    Guys, When go out the game?

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    I saw that Austrian tank, with the swivel turret and those raised legs, and my first thought was that scene in Indiana Jones when Sean Connery obliterates their own plane's tail with the machine gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sodoma View Post
    Guys, When go out the game?
    Release date is January 24th!

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    hi, is that going to be affordable in shops (in Spain, for example)?
    cos i am kinda neanthertalis and like to buy a hard copy, not a downloadable archive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpla View Post
    hi, is that going to be affordable in shops (in Spain, for example)?
    cos i am kinda neanthertalis and like to buy a hard copy, not a downloadable archive.
    It's download only.

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