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Thread: Help a noob out please! (military management question)

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    Help a noob out please! (military management question)

    Hey. I know this is a completely horribly noobish question, but is there an easy way to manage my military? More specifically, I'd like to know if in the late game when I've got tons of different little armies recruiting and moving around if it is possible to organize this in any way? My current, inefficient strategy is to simply click my armies on the map based on their numbers and drag boxes around them, move them to a common province, and then merge them.

    I'm pretty much wondering if there's an easier way to do "my" noobish method of military movement and organization.

    On the topic of noobs and militaries, is there any easy way to recruit said armies? So that when I've got them all created and such, then I can easily just put them together and merge them with minimal clicking? It's not a matter of army effectiveness, it's just a matter of efficiency, speed, and a bit of that fact that I'm extremely lazy on my part.

    Thanks to any and all who can answer my questions!

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    You've pretty much found the limits of convenience in the game as it stands

    The forthcoming expansion pack A House Divided will have something to help here.
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    Ah, ok. That's kind of a bummer, but I suppose that'll have to do for now until AHD, hehe. Thanks for the reply!

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