In the role of King Arthur, the Once and Future King, you are to determine the fate of Britannia.
In order to expand your authority over the various provinces you'll be ordering your heroes to conquer lands, explore beyond your empire's borders and accomplish Knightly quests.

During your campaign you'll make plenty of important decisions that have a huge impact on the unfolding story of King Arthur II. Not only that, the decisions you make on Knightly quests will affect your Morality and Faith, and even your realm itself. You can be a Righteous and Christian king, but it's also entirely possible to change the whole Arthurian myth by following the Old Ways and worshipping the Ancient Gods, or even by becoming a ruthless monarch. Changes to your Morality and Faith will unlock unique Units and Spells on the Morality Chart as well as changing future decisions you'll have to face later.

The main goal of King Arthur II is to protect your people from various threats from the North, conquer new lands till you gain control over all Britannia, and restore the peace that was lost when King Arthur suffered a magical wound that never heals, the Holy Grail was shattered and the Fomorians invaded your former kingdom. You'll achieve all these goals if you complete the game's Objectives, which together paint a grandiose portrait of an epic struggle.

The most important Objectives involve several steps as you send your knights on various Knightly adventures, or as we call them: Quests. These adventures are the essence of King Arthur’s world, crossroads where the storyline branches and you can make decisions that change Britannia's fate. You might also find the game's most powerful artifacts in these quests.

Quests are written adventures, similar to old Choose your Own Adventure books. In King Arthur II there are three different types of quests: Battle quests, where you fight against an enemy army, Diplomacy quests that outline political situations and see you choosing one of several means of solving a problem, and Adventure quests where you meet new heroes, solve important problems, save damsels, place bets in arena fights and everything in between.

Once again, Britannia needs you. Prepare yourself for its biggest adventure yet!

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