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Thread: How to access different expansions/content. Stuck with 'starts are left' on adventure

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    How to access different expansions/content. Stuck with 'starts are left' on adventure

    Hello and thankyou for reading,

    I recently purchased the Magika collection on Steam and just wanted to check something with the boffins.

    When I load up the game I have the usual spellbook as a menu, the first option of which is the adventure mode, but when clicked it takes me to a story that seems very different from the Demo I played.

    My query is simply how can I select whether I am playing the expansion content (the stars are left) or the original vanilla story line (where you start off falling through a trap door).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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    I have the same problem and i cant play online cause of this!!!Please some one tell us how to fix it or disable it!
    (the <<Stars are left>>DLC levels are hard to comlete alone).

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    I realise now that there are two sections to the adventure box at the top of the menu (left and right), and the reason I thought that the left part of the box lead to anything other than the main vanilla story, was because the introduction didn't resemble that of the demo. I can confirm that I was wrong and I am now able to play the vanilla story line.

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    The demo is slightly different to the vanilla story.
    Play in a little bit and you'll see that it's the same thing, they just cut out a couple of things in the begining.

    To access Vanilla: choose Adventure (left side)
    To access The Stars are Left: choose the right side of adventure (The Stars are Left)
    To access Vietnam: look in challenges for Vietnam mission (for the adventure-like mission) or the Vietnam survival map (for the challenge).

    All other DLC is either a challenge map or a pvp map or simply robes or items.

    Hope that clears things up a little?

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