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Thread: Where does a guy get more generals?

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    Are there any readable files where I can see the current Generals/Admirals and their stats in a current game? At least there should be one for those with historical traits where one can read, right? Where?
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    If anyone wants to know how to get more generals, send me a PM and ill let you know. At the moment i have moded the game in such a way, that i get 2 3* generals, 2 1* colonial generals and 2 3* admirals every turn that i can build from the recruitment screen. If a lot of people are interested, ill post it. Same goes for contentment, militancy rescources and other stuff. The basis for this cheat/mod isnt my own but i expanded it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olaf the Unsure View Post
    Does seem silly to have armies without generals. I like the way Victoria 2 handles it: You convert officers to generals and admirals, but there's no guarantee you'll get a good one. Most generals there are a mixed bag of good and bad qualities, which adds another layer of decision-making - to use him or not. But you have to have them to have a decision to make.
    Every stack has a general or colonel or whatever the appropriate rank in charge, just not one worthy of being represented as a leader who matters. I actually like the saving in time not having to sort through a long list of largely mediocrities or worse for every stack command in V2.

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