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Thread: question about upgrades.

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    Question question about upgrades.

    Here is my question (i'm playing the main campaign in Arthur complete):

    I have both brittons and regulars archers, but since i got my shiny caamelot, i was granted the ability to make some researchs. I began with reserching master archers.

    My archers now rock, but my britton archers remain un-upgraded.

    So, can i upgrade these brittons archers?

    If not, i would have to replace them in my main battle army,and those are veterans, high level, and i would be sad to throw them out, because they are outdated.

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    You can't upgrade your Briton archers indeed, only basic units can be upgraded. You should keep them for a second army later (or disband them, I never used these archers so maybe I'm wrong, but all their stats seem low except melee, useless for archers imho).

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    Briton archers are weak and useless. Throw them out.
    Only basic archers can be upgraded (shown in research table)
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