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Thread: Oh, HOI3 You are so random! - A HOI3 Random ScenAARio

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    Oh, HOI3 You are so random! - A HOI3 Random ScenAARio

    So, I always loved the HOI3 Random Scenario mod!
    I have played many times with many settings and finally decided to make a AAR of a gam
    The country is Poland!

    Maps of the world in the spoiler



    North America


    World Map

    How will i write this AAR?: I will do a lot with screenshots so dont expect big walls of text.

    Voting has ended!

    The winner is Poland!

    Settings for the Random Scenario Generator(only important ones)
    -No Factions
    -75% oil and Oil war so oil will be in less provinces but more of it in the provinces.
    -No starting units
    -Minimal research(almost non expect some basic techs
    -150% more Leadership(and something else(?).
    -Equal size(bugged with new generator ).
    -New generator, old one caused a memory leak(went up to 2.9 GB of RAM useage)
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    Chapter 1: Click Click here!
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    I vote for Russia
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    Edit: No wait! I want you to be Poland! Wherever it is...
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    My own vote goes out to Styria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince of Savoy View Post
    Edit: No wait! I want you to be Poland! Wherever it is...
    It's in the Europe screenshot bordering the Caspian sea.

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    *open the post count* Belgium!

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    Siberia !

    EDIT : XVG convinced me I change my vote to Spanish Protectorate of Morocco
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    EDIT: Actually, take one of the small Japanese nations (the OPM's or ones on the smaller islands)

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    Only 1 or 2 are 'Japanese' others are just colonies

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    Didnt know about any memory leak in old generator :F.

    Many peple reported problems with the game if there is no any factions at all. Be ware, maybe you should add some leaders factions at hand. (Also minimal research with focus its a must . AI will perfom a lot better!! every country will have a focus tech and prod).


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    Well, It seemed like a memory leak since i was looking in task manager and the Ram went up to 3 GB slowly rising to it.
    And you can edit in Faction Leaders?

    I basically did no focus since i wanted to design mine own country(thus not thinking about AI).

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