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Thread: Kill. Them. All.

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    Carnage is indeed the right word. Someone send this to Jack Thompson, maybe we can get EU III banned!

    Quote Originally Posted by VagabondvonLMG View Post
    There's a mod called AlwaysWar that would be perfect for this....
    That's a nice mod indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malurous View Post
    That's a nice mod indeed.
    Well, it's not bad, but it's not the mod for me. lol

    For me, when ever I have two provinces taken by rebels, I freak out. Not to mention England or France constantly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avindian View Post
    How were you able to annex Thrace? You mention in a later update that Byzantium still exists, so I'm a little confused.

    Very interesting stuff, with plenty of action! I tried playing as the Ottomans once, but then I got HttT and forgot about it; with the victories you're winning, maybe I should give it another try!
    I annexed Byz as a 2PM. later, in a war with Venice, they made peace giving me Albania, money, and releasing Byzantium which was Crete and Athens.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saulta View Post
    This is crazy! I like it =D
    YES! Crazy. But I feel much calmer after playing for an hour after work.

    Quote Originally Posted by damienreave View Post
    Spectacular. The carnage is overwhelming. I love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zozo View Post
    Wow, I can hardly fight a one front war without too much problem!!!
    With battles like that how do you keep such a high manpower?
    How many troops do you have actually?
    Practice. If you -want- to kill more people, you'll get good at it.
    Winning. Lose alot and you'll have low manpower. Kill more and let the other guy lose manpower. I'm not chasing far into other nations territory so not taking much attrition.
    Not sure. I think around 55K, will say for sure when I do my next update.

    Quote Originally Posted by loki100 View Post
    I do like Ottoman AARs ... and appreciate ones as subtle as this. If it goes wrong, its gonna go wrong dramatically.
    LOL don't I know it. That's what makes it fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Monzon View Post
    Brilliant as always.


    Quote Originally Posted by Ashantai View Post
    Wow...such carnage!
    You've seen my other AAR's, I thought you'd expect that from me by now. :P
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    Ummm ran out of bandwidth on Photobucket. Gotta fix this before any more updates.

    Ok! Gave them money, all good. Will try to get in an update today.
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    1431-1440. OE dies!!! Not.

    Rebels were starting to pop up. GH was in the East and West. And of course, Tims. Naval landings. Fleet-->ATTACK! Troops-->march all over. Kill all over.

    GH pushed out in the East. Concentrates on the west! Troop surge. GH zerg wave. OE storm troopers march. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Remaining GH troops flee into Poland. Sigh. Whatever. Troops go to kill someone else.

    GRRR! More marching. More killing. More rebels!

    Rebels took a provice!

    Troops get on ships --> kill rebels!

    GH forces went East again. Sigh. More moving. Killed more GH, made peace.

    Tims trying, but failing. Armenia assaulted! One colonist succeeded! Wooohooo! Colony failed. Colony failed. Colony sent---> FAILED! AAAAHHHH! FU colonies!

    Rage then taken out on Tims! Tims slaughtered! All armies destroyed!!! HATE!!!!

    More rebels. OE troopers --> KILL TIMS! Run back for rebels.

    To late. Rebels took Treb.

    Rebels destroyed. Pfft.

    Brandenburg declared war. Whatever. Some forces sent. All died. OE sends them postcards of the Sultan giving them a full moon.

    Adopt Imperial Administration! Sweet!!! No. Must be at peace. Umm.. oh.

    Made new advisor. Diplomat! Killed more Burgundians.

    Burgandy made peace. They gave us money, released Crete. Create cancelled alliance soon after.

    Qaramanabla war back on. So what.

    Many colonists sent. Most failed. Finally... ARMENIA! Tims given peace.

    Qara troops killed. Grrr more rebels! Oooo. Wha?

    Tims in India!

    Yawn. More naval invaders killed. More warnings. More rebels.

    Algiers declares war again. Tims join them again. Again, with no CB. Sigh. Cost to take land, 3 BB per.

    Troops -->Mamaluks. Mams died.

    GH war back on.

    Hungary declares war. Too dumb for words!

    Hungarians were slaughtered. Austrian allies sent naval forces and they died.

    GH troops killed in huge piles.

    More rebels. So much marching! There was stuff to kill all over the place! Good times.

    Blue Vikings declare war. Mmmkay.

    Troops chased GH around. They fought like school girls!

    Killed more GH. Lots of navies came in. Lots of navies died!! Lots of troops unloaded. they died too!

    They sue for peace! We give them war! More killing! DIE!!

    More killing GH. More killing navies and troops.

    TO declares war. Mmmkay.

    Rebels. Navy going crazy! Troops loaded, moved, Rebels killed!

    Enemies keep comming in tiny amounts, 10k or less.

    I get a bad event! Except... I got tons of generals alerady.

    Enemies lost much of their naval power. Then... kill more GH! Tim war back on.

    Peace with GH.

    Rebels... DIE!

    Navies. Killed. Naval invaders... Dead.

    It might apear that I'm a bad or cruel person due to all the wars, but my troops planted weeds on all the otherwise unmarked mass graves to show how caring I am.

    Edit: Sorry, I forgot to include the force screenshot. I had 53 land units. I take a billion screenshots, but have to narrow it down to a few for each post.
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    well that was single minded but for the moment very effective ... what are you going to do if you run out of enemies to wipe out?
    Remember, whatever the question, the answer on 18 September is Yes ...

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    Wow so many updates!
    I catched this now
    you made all this under wartaxes? WE should be a huge problem , now !
    My OE game looked a bit like this , except with a bit less wars.
    no more unfinished IN AAR's

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    You should really count the number of people killed and put them at the end of the post like what prawnstar did with rebel spawns
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    I'm glad the OE isn't going down in a death spiral as usually happens in DW. Can't wait until you're fighting in Castille

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    I hate The Ottomans

    But Edgewise Asia Minor?

    That's a different story....
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    @Loki. Everyone = Enemy. If I run out of enemies, then there's nobody left but OE. The ENTIRE point of this game is to get payback on everyone for the fact that in almost every game played in DW on harder difficulty settings, OE always get wiped out because everyone attacks them. Thus the title: Kill them all.

    @sprites No, I collected war taxes for a few years, but stopped when my WE hit 10. It's been between about 8.5 and 12 ever since.

    @theconfusedone I considered that! But seriously, it would take me more time to count them than to do the updates, and it already takes about 5x longer to do the updates than it does to play the game itself. :P I know it's a very very large number! I usually am knocking the Hordes down to under 25% of their force limits each war in order to get peace. They've subdued all their other neighbors, so with just me to fight, they won't quit unless their armies are hit extremely hard.

    @TonyJoe I've been fighting them!!! The updates just haven't gotten that far yet.

    @Vagabondvon LMG In this game, the OE hates you (and everyone else) too.

    Now... lemme put an update together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgewise View Post
    @vagabondvon lmg in this game, the oe hates you (and everyone else) too.
    I know they are but what am I!!!!!!!!!!!??????? ;(
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    OK! I decided to read through my updates to this point and... they sound kinda crazy. Rather than try to mention all of the various activities as they happen, I'll just try to paint the mental image for you and then give updates more broadly on what exactly I'm attempting to do at any given point in time. I'll try to just mention more serious battles going into greater detail on specific fights rather than just vaguely mentioning many with few details about any of them.

    Mental Image: I'm almost always at war with 1+ hordes which is where most of the serious fighting is going on, and generally at war with 10+ other nations who are attacking from the sea, typically in small groups with the largest stacks being around 13k or so, but most being 5k or less. These naval landing forces are easy to destroy, it's just the annoyance and time required to move my armies all over in order to both kill Hordes and kill off the attackers arriving by sea. I'm also trying to kill their naval transports, with a pretty high level of success. I'm being careful not to take on too much WE, which I'm getting mostly from attrition. When my BB is low, I grab more territory, and give white peace most of the time if it's high.

    Now, let's get to the update!


    In 1441, I was at war with TO and their allies, Burgandy and their allies, Algeria and allies, and Tims. Burgandy was the only nation with a navy that was dangerous out of those, so I timed my naval engagements to take place about 1 month after they'd drop off troops so they'd be far enough away to not give chase when my navy put to sea. I tried to engage enemy naval forces in home waters whenever possible so I could dock in a hurry if I had to.

    I had begun to detect a pattern to the AI's naval invasions. They'd always go for Morea first. If a force was already there, they'd invade Achaea. 3rd would be Dalmatia, 4th Albania, and so on. The order varried slightly from nation to nation as far as where they'd attack first. Rather than running troops all the way from Georgia or someplace, I decided to station one stack in Achaea and a second in Bosnia, next to Dalmatia. As long as I killed the invading stacks fast, the next stacks would again land first in Morea and second in Dalmatia. With forces ready to counter attack in both locations, I could effectively deal with any and all naval invaders.

    I also noticed that the AI MUST block all troops trying to cross the straight, like a crackhead after some crack. Even a battered navy running after defeat would turn around and move to block the passage even if it was just one unit of infantry from one of my vassals trying to cross. So! I built a unit of infantry in 'The Center of the World' Aka Istanbul/Thrace, whatever. I would send this unit across when enemy naval forces were in the area, and draw them in! As long as there were no Burgundian, Castilian, Portugese, or English fleets around, my navy would then destroy them! (Err I don't remember when I started fighting the Spaniards exactly, but it might be in this update.)

    I was beating the Tims pretty well. I would go into their territory to finish off retreating stacks, but then my forces would return. With never ending war, I had to be very careful not to get too much WE from attrition! More than anything, RR was my biggest enemy, and revolts + multiple war fronts always had my troops spread thin.

    In 1442, my army was suddenly in trouble on the Tim front. After a period of small skirmishes, the Timurids came in a massive attack with many stacks piling up against my forces. My original 10k force retreated with 32k Tims giving chase. I sent a 10k support stack to back them up, but instead they just waited with the first army to retreat to them so they wouldn't get wiped, and a 13k stack that had been fighting the Mams started moving East to help as well. More Tim stacks were moving into the area and would also join the fight.

    Forces in this fight: OE: 10k original stack, backed by a second 10k stack and then a 13K stack. Tims: Multiple stacks totalling 56k. This shot is the beginning of the fight.

    It took some time for the OE and Tim forces to reach Qarabagh, giving both sides time to recover lost morale. The Tims broke off their attack seeing my advantaeg with the additional 13k force moving towards Qarabagh, so I stopped their advance. While my attention was elsewhere, the Tims again marched on Qarabagh, catching me by surprise with their arrival.

    My troops were holding their own in the fight, 20k vs 32k, with me having a combined 7 point shock advantage from better terrain and generals. The Tims were not going to go down easily however. They had two additional stacks moving towards Qarabagh which would bring their total to 56k. I again started moving my 13k stack towards the province.

    The Tims took rediculous losses! Their forces fled in three directions, and my armies chased, wiping out one group and forcing the other two into retreat again, then chasing and wiping them out as well. War with Qara was back on as this fight was taking place. After paying me tribute for 5 years, they hadn't raised much of an army.

    After this crushing victory there was a lack of enemy forces in the immediate area, so I assaulted three provinces and started colonizing two of them. 92% and 97% chance to succeed, but of course, one failed. My luck in this game has sucked with colonies and missionaries! Still, I kept sending them.

    More Tim armies would come, but it would be a long time before another 'big' battle on that front. My troops spent most of their time here sieging Qara provinces. In the West, I just kept killing enemy navies and the armies they landed.

    I'd been planning to attack Mams as soon as my truce expired so I could -finally- use my mission CB for 1 BB/province! I kept getting into wars with them via their allies, so had yet to really put a dent in them. Right as I was checking to see when the truce would expire, they declared war. FINE! Be that way!!!

    I sent in my 10k force to attack their puny 6k army! Myahaha! I turned my attention to a naval engagement for abotu 20 seconds only to notice my 10k army was fighting 26k, not 6k. Crap. I retreated. They chased. I sent my navy over after it killed the mightly one cog enemy fleet -JUST- in time to save my army from getting destroyed. Cant chase me onto a ship. HA! I know, cheap tactic but hey, I'm tryin to fight the whole world here! I need my armies alive!!

    So I moved over more forces, destroyed the Mam forces and started sieging, along with my vassals. I kept a close watch on the Tims to see what trouble they might send my way and kept building up colonies... but they were taking too long! I needed them soon, before GH war restarted or I would have a very hard time protecting them.

    I made peace with Qara without enough warscore to demand tribute, and that would haunt me later! -NEVER- fail to finish off your enemy after handing them a total defeat! If you do... well, you'll see when we get to that point.

    My armies were still sieging the Mams and trying to protect colonies in Timmytown in the East and killing invasion forces in the West when the timer ticked down and GH war was back on. I needed more time! I WP'd Burgandy. I started moving forces Northward in a hurry, waiting for the GH to rush across the border. No GH came. They were busy it seemed! I peaced out. Yay! Except I'd be in a world of pain later.

    The Tims and GH could both field armies several times the size of my own, but because I kept severely thrashing them each war, they never fully recovered when the truce would expire. Next time, that would not be the case!

    I continued to face-stomp Tims and Mams. Tim armies actually dropped below 30k at one point, causing several Indian nations to break tribute and declare war!

    My truce with England expired and the declared war! MMkay, whatever. Bring troops for my armies to crush. DIEEEE!!!

    Castile and Portugal have honored their alliance with England and are now at war with you.


    And by the way, this. Just to make things more interesting!!

    I was vexxed by the Spaniards!! I hate you Castile. HATE!!! With all my nerd rage power, I will kill you for this. I will kill them all!!!

    Tims! Make peace! Horde say: No! We don't like you. You're mean!


    Big naval forces! Many troops. I kill them all, but it requires moving more troops to the Balkans. WE was right around 11 or so, so I was having a moderate number of revolts.

    My Balkans defense strategy was still working, oddly better with fewer countries landing bigger stacks, they were sieging fewer provinces at a time, making it easier to kill them.

    The fight with the Mams had been somewhat weird. They'd send lots of 1-2 k armies to siege land I'd captured. I'd chase them down. Then randomly, a huge stack would show up and I'd have to regroup and take them out.

    They also didn't want to make peace on terms equal to the warscore, so they had a decent sized army hiding somewhere. I finally went searching for it and killed them.

    With the destruction of 80% of all their forces, the Mams finally agreed to pay for their crimes against the OE with land!

    Soon after this, both of my colonies in Timland flipped to me. I was awesome!!! The English and Spanish troops died from massive suckiness! Portugal forces... Laugh!

    Soon, they would sue for peace, offering me mighty gifts and... stuff! I didn't know when, but any day now, I was sure the offers would come along with begging for my forgiveness! I may have been overly optimistic, but I'm a glass half full kinda guy.

    And then Brandenburg + a bunch of nobody chumps declared war. Whatever.

    England offered white peace. DECLINED!!! I KEEL YOU, SUCKAFOO! AND YO SPANISH HOMIEZ!

    I wished later I would have taken that, but it's funny how hindsight works.

    January 1450, I get a regency. Bah. Regencies suck, and regencies with bad stats really suck. My WE started rising slowly and hit 12 at one point. A couple weeks after that I lost a point of stability, and a couple months after that, war with GH. Mmmkay, forces deployed to GH border to go kill and AAAH!! Crap.

    There was a LOT of them. They just kept comming in! A 3rd provinced flipped to me from Tims and I moved my Tim border forces all to the North.

    The map was looking something like this:

    Things started getting pretty dicey at this point. I was very outnumbered in the north, having given GH 10 years to recover. With the constant flow of naval invaders, I had two stacks pinned in the Balkins to defend my coast. Soon, I was going to have to make some tough choices.

    I killed a couple GH stacks, but they were quickly replaced. My western army had bad die rolls and almost got wiped. I had to pull a stack from coastal defense to support my retreating army.

    And things would get worse worse in the next few years, but you gotta wait for the next update to see exactly how bad they got. :P

    -So, you guys like it better with more text and fewer screens, or should I let the screens do the talking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgewise View Post
    -So, you guys like it better with more text and fewer screens, or should I let the screens do the talking?
    Grammy Vagabond always said....

    "A screen is worth a thousand lulz"
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    January 1451, I get two more wardecs. Hungary because they're stupid still, and Algiers. They bring in allies and collectively don't amount to much, but further decrease my war capacity rating and thus increase the probability of future wars.

    GH captured two provinces and I peaced out with Tims. I was picking battles carefully, but managed to slowly beat back GH. I needed first and formost to kill as many GH troops as possible to get them to make peace. Without achieving this quickly, I was going to end up in serious trouble. While my armies were fighting GH in the North, Qara, who'd lost their army, built a new one and started sieging south of my forces. I was too busy to deal with them!

    In the West, I was able to push GH back to the border, but Aragon, allied with someone I was at war with, not even sure who, captured Dalmatia. Several nations were now sieging provinces belonging to my vassals. I chased the GH further north on the western front to wipe out his stacks, but took heavy WE in the process. Finally my troops were able to move back south, regain strength, and start driving out the invaders. Hungary was the most annoying with several 1k armies that kept evading me.

    Back in the East, I killed most of the GH troops and asaulted back my territories in Georgia. Qara captured a province and moved to take another, but I didn't have troops to spare. GH reinforcements arrived and I beat them back, eventually making GH pull troos back to regain strength. I sent a small army to attack the Qara stack, but he had the terrain advantage and numerical superiority, and my attempt to dislodge his forces was a failure.

    In the West, things were going somewhat better. I managed to drive out all invaders and hit Hungary hard. While I did this, more GH came in from the North. Here is a screen of the peacedeal. You can see me sieging to retake Dalmatia and GH comming back in from the North:

    Soon after that, Burgandy declared war again. I was too busy dealing with Hordes to care much. I tried to wipe out as many GH stacks as posible. I chased them all over the place, then started comming back to destroy the remnant forces he still had in my territory.

    I noticed that there wasn't much left. I was too low on cash to fund any colonists, so had no reason to continue killing GH who was just about out of troops. I made peace, then wiped otu the Qara army with my returning troops and siege/assaulted his territory!

    With both of my 'big' enemies now at peace, my war capacity increased and other nations offered peace as well. I gave it too them, giving me some quality time to beat up rebels. Eventually I was just down to the Burgandy alliance and Qara.

    Then... the Regency was over!!!

    The very next day I declared war on the Mamaluks. My troops surged into undefended territory and assaulted 4 provinces very fast. Mams were at war with Ethiopia, and made peace. I waited for his armies to arrive in Sinai.

    Burgandy made peace. All they'd done all war was get pummeled. Thier allies had shared the same fate.

    Tim war restarted but he had rebels on the border I could see. I offered him peace and got it. Shirvan flipped to OE.

    Mamaluk armies arrived and were destroyed. I offered Mams peace for land and they accepted!

    Right after this, I sent my troops north. The timer was almost up with GH. Just days after they arrived, the war was on, and GH forces started to cross the border.

    I was watching the East because that's where he attacked first. With my eye off the ball, I didn't see the huge GH army in the West until the army combat popped up in the right side overview window. I had 10k troops in Budjak being hit by a 30k attack force, and more were incoming! I quickly moved my navy to transport troops from East to West. I was able to get a support stack moved into Transylvania from Bosnia for my forces to retreat to.

    My troops were chased, and a second fight started in Transylvania. My navy brought reinforcements into Budjak and from there they joined the fight, making it 3 stacks on 3.

    Total forces: OE 25K GH 41K

    Additional GH forces showed up, preventing me from destroying all of these armies, but I did wipe out most of them.

    Castile declared war, bringing allies. France then declared war, my first time fighting them so far. Yawn, whatever.

    I got the 'Religious civil disorder' event, followed by 'Heretic Subjugation'. A little more RR, and a free slider shift towards innovative!

    GH seemed to have unlimited troops this time arround. I was killing his armies by the pile, but the constant arrival of fresh troops was putting a strain on my border forces. For some reason, my economy was really having a tough time. I had to mint to send colonists! Then I realized, I'd made a big mistake.

    I peaced out with Tims offering tribute?! No way! I wouldn't have!!! I took screenshots of everything and looked. There it was. Crap!

    Now I'd have to mint for several years to stay afloat and then take a 2 stab hit to restart the war. UGH! WTF?! I was tired and not paying attention. :/ 13.8 Ducats/month. Lol! That's a pretty harsh screw-up.

    I peaced out with Qara, they pay me money because I couldn't afford to send any more colonists.

    Jalayirids declared war. Wow! They had like 100+ relations with me! Not that I wasn't planning to kill them, but it was a surprise. Well, free land is free land, I wasn't going to complain. I offered GH peace and they accepted after being reduced to about 35k troops finally.

    My troops moved South, hitting a large group of French and Castilian forces sieging in Judea and surrounding provinces. After exterminating the Europeans, my forces went after the Jalayirids!

    I beat the crap out of Jalayirids and took some land.

    And that's where the decade came to an end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagabondvonLMG View Post
    Grammy Vagabond always said....

    "A screen is worth a thousand lulz"
    ~Grammy Vagabond
    Hmm, Mmmkay. I was concerned that too many screens would give people with slow connections a hard time. But it's definitely easier just to say 5 words and show a screenshot than type 5 paragraphs to try and explain it.

    I really need to sleep more. I can't spell or type or think when I'm tired. :P
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    I've had AIs break peace treaties to attack me as OE, I've literally never ever seen that happen as any other country before. It feels like everyone is hardcoded to hate you 1000x more than anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabid View Post
    I've had AIs break peace treaties to attack me as OE, I've literally never ever seen that happen as any other country before. It feels like everyone is hardcoded to hate you 1000x more than anyone else.
    This AAR will end with suicidal OPMS in America and South East Asia declaring war on you in 1800 , when you control the entire world.

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    Pics are nice but so are your explanations. I say go with whatever works best for you so we can all keep reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyJoe View Post
    Pics are nice but so are your explanations. I say go with whatever works best for you so we can all keep reading
    Agreed! Is your ultimate goal WC?
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