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Thread: Kill. Them. All.

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    Ho-leee Cow, 40%. I might actually be scared of rebels at that point just based on sheer volume.
    Also, you're green, you're us vs them, and you're out to kill them all
    I just have one thing to say: "You'ze da Orks and dey izn't."

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    1548-1550: Death to the Spussians!!!

    Every province became a potential front with no single province being without revolt risk.

    The bulk of the Spussian and Prussian forces were on my northern border, but naval forces could land stacks anywhere along my coastline in the Med. My -first- priority was to engage and destroy the Spussian Fleet. I really didn't know how well my own navy would do, but I hoped my larger force of large ships would carry the day despite tech and probably sliders going against me.

    I watched the battle with great interest, knowing that a win would cement the fate of Castille, allowing my forces to invade Iberia.

    It started out pretty even, but soon the light ships that were the bulk of the Spussian fleet started sinking in large numbers. The fight began to slide in my favor, and then into an all out victory.

    In a second battle, Castille lost the remainder of it's naval assets. I began a secondary campaign in the Med capturing Spanish holdings there before assaulting Iberia itself.

    While this went on, the Bulk of the Spussian forces were facing off against me in the North. His armies largely avoided confrontation even when they had numerical superiority by a large margin. I sieged and assaulted and pushed his forces further north while the Prussian Army moved in to the South of my Northward marching forces.

    As this went on revolts were slowly starting to pop up, like the game was just waking up to the fact that my nation was exploding with revolt risk.

    Luckily, for the first time in a -LONG- time, I got a +stab event when I needed it most.

    I didn't get why the Spussians were so reluctant to go toe to toe with my armies. He had more troops in the theater of battle, and was only 1 land tech level behind me.

    I wasn't OK with just chit chatting and insult slinging back and forth between armies, so I decided to press the fight on his forces. We were there to kill them all! Not stare them down or flash insulting hand genstures. Although that was ok also as long as there was killing! to go with the insults and evil stares!

    I drove them back further and further northward. He had huge reinforcement stack available, but instead just kept pulling back. WTF!? Stop running and die already!

    GRRR I kept chasing, they kept falling back. My 4th NI was Devine Supremacy, I wasn't willing to wait anymore for a border to start fighting people who needed to die already!

    Still we clashed. Still they broke. Still they ran!

    The Spussians might have won this fight, even wiped out my northern Army had they simply reinforced with their reserve stacks!

    The Sulatn laughed at their cowardice! Just delaying the only possible outcome. The Rebels on the other hand were putting up one hell of a fight.

    I had a few minor rebel problems which delayed the invasion of Iberia somewhat. Mmkay, minor might not be accurate, but hey, I had lots of armies, so they just got to work.

    While this went on, a new Mission!

    My armies in India were definitely getting the most action. CONSTANT marching/fighting.

    The nastiest rebel stacks were the ones that popped up in Dehli, 16k with a nasty terrain bonus.

    Prussia had been beaten back, but returned, hitting me South of the action vs Spussia.

    I pulled together a couple 10k stacks, joined them up and sent them into the fight.

    In the midst of all this chaos, the last Missionary in mainland Italy finished up.

    Wonder how the new Pope was feeling about this religious breakdown:

    Despite taking heavy losses, Castille had actually increased its standing army strength. It wouldn't do them any good however if they kept retreating!

    This was the breakdown:

    I captured tons of territory, including the mountains in Eastern Iberia. What was he doing with all his troops??

    And then, I saw the answer to my question, driving Southward.

    His huge pile of stacks moved against rebels first, then me. I moved my troops out of the way and his force split up, at which point I destroyed some of it and sent the rest running back North.

    Sigh. Whatever. They didn't really want to fight. I was -definitely- having much more trouble with rebels than with Castille. I gave Prussia peace before working out details with Castile so my warscore would be higher.

    I took a foothold in the mountains, and the days of Castile were now comming to an end.

    I got another lucky event right after the peace treaty, giving me another point of stability.

    Yay me! Everyone else: You're going to die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Curlyton View Post
    Ho-leee Cow, 40%. I might actually be scared of rebels at that point just based on sheer volume.
    Also, you're green, you're us vs them, and you're out to kill them all
    I just have one thing to say: "You'ze da Orks and dey izn't."
    I typically do Space Marines (Death Angels) in War Hammer, followed by Tyranids, but Orcs are fun too.

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    Besides, your Sultan is taking a very Ork-y approach to his problems. I suggest that this become a Waaaaaagh!, or properly, a Waaaa-Edgewise!

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    Your military tradition must be sky-high all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyJoe View Post
    Your military tradition must be sky-high all the time.
    The bigger you get, the harder it is to keep it high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgewise View Post
    The bigger you get, the harder it is to keep it high.
    Surely your vast quantity of rebels eager to die helps with that.

    Really enjoyable AAR! Looks like there's still a few nations that can give you a run for your money, for now, anyway. Won't be long until its just clean up though. You going to finish the full WC?
    The Red Lioness of Holland - A Narrative AAR
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    Quote Originally Posted by damienreave View Post
    Surely your vast quantity of rebels eager to die helps with that.

    Really enjoyable AAR! Looks like there's still a few nations that can give you a run for your money, for now, anyway. Won't be long until its just clean up though. You going to finish the full WC?
    I dunno tbh. I'm probably not going to be able to bleed off enough BB for a complete WC since every province I take is through war. There are definitely still dangerouls countries atm, though I don't know how long that will remain to be the case. Tech-wise, I'm not the 'leading' nation because my provinces are not getting built up well enough for me to be. To do a WC, I think you need to do at least a measure of PU-inheritance to take everything without going over BB limits.

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    1551-1560 The taste of victory! Slightly burnt, but usually well seasoned. Often, requires a bathroom visit afterwards.

    This may come as a shock, but I was fighting the hordes at turn of the decade!!!

    Sultan to blue guys: give me cash for 5 years and go away.

    Thusly I was focused in on the other hordlings, very very slowly expanding via colonies.

    Then!!!! Hungarian scholars put forth a scenario wherein they saw a loophole in the OE warning response policy which they felt would allow Hungary to warn OE without getting annexed. The Hungarian King was so impressed by their uber-smartness, he decided to test it out.

    It took a little time for my 'ready to invade Spussia' armies to move over to Hungary and their would be defenders.

    Soon, war broke out, and the breakdown was like this:

    As it turned out, the acedemics in Hungary had overlooked the 'them' factor in their equasion, resulting in Hungary being squishethed by OE forces.

    The acedemic persons behind the theory were given new jobs as dead people.

    After killing lots of 'them' they made peace.

    A few days later, not kidding, This:

    Sooo more war. It took me a while to figure out they had snagged a second province, and then send troops there as well, but this was the breakdown at the start of the war:

    With all my time spent on stability and then governemt tech, I really had little or no tech advantage and in some cases a slider disadvantage vs the AI. Even so, they were them, and so they kept losing.

    It was hard to fathom how I was winning some fights as it seemed I should surely lose! I guess after a while your tactical movements become so second nature you forget why what your doing results in so much win!

    Seen here, win that shouldn't have been! Prussia man for man had theoretically better forces than me, except for their 'them'-ness which made them suck anyway.

    Oh, things were great. So much killing. No WAY would any of 'them' dare to warn me now!


    I WILL KILL YOU! Ooo hmm, cost to annex 4 BB. Crap. I will kill you..... soon, lemme work this out, erm.

    Hassa warned me, they border Najd, Najd is target on my mission. Mmmkay, but can't annex them, just B-slap them. Will think of... something!

    So I kept killing as I considered this, until...

    I got a cool event. competent diplomacy! What a load of CRAP! lol. I dunno how, but somehow, the world decided I was less terrible than I was and thus I lost 2 BB.

    I peaced out with the chumps I was fighting and started attacking Southish!

    It was short and violent! In the end, there was me taking what I wanted.

    What was the next mission?!!

    BWAHAHAHA! Could it be more perfect? I guess you know who was goin down next.

    I changed government to Admin Monarchy. I killed rebels. I killed more rebels! So many damn rebels everywhere!

    I got a stab -GAIN- yes, a +1 stab event. I couldn't believe it either.

    Then, I attacked Spussia, my number one sworn blood oath to kill until my last breath is gone enemy. Unlike last time, they had a lot of help, and I did not have a tech lead.

    Here was the break down:

    In Russia, Castillian forces were POUNDED!!! In Iberia, SAME!!!! Vs Prusia, my armies were hard pressed by his forces, but the back and forth resulted in no provinces captured by either of us.

    The Wild Card and most dangerous enemy was Bavaria. They had top notch troops, were the HRE, and I didn't know which way they would attack. They went for my Italian provinces, and with only 20k there, my forces were pushed back by an invading force of over 60k.

    This was a brutal war with lots of death all over. My Italian armies were actually driven into the sea (thankfully my navy could take them all) by the crazy push south by the Bavarians. My army was presed very hard because it was spread all over fighting not only enemies but revolts. With 60k or so in Persia/India, I really had only about half the armies of my enemies in the actual theater of war.

    The deciding factor was the weak Castillian armies. I'm not sure why they were so bad, but they just couldn't seem to win even with a 50% numerical advantage. I ran all over Iberia, and even as Bavaria pushed into Italy, I captured 2-3 times faster in Iberia and Russia. I peaced out taking more of Iberia.

    I knew one thing after this war... Europe in general might be open for attack, but some nations in particular were not going to go out easily.

    I turned my attention to the other side of Iberia... Portugal!

    I started a war and once allies had joined, this was what it looked like:

    This war was very lopsided, as all my enemies were naval powers. My troops went crazy, capturing most of Iberia in the west, and taking control of all Spusian-held GH lands in the East.

    In just a few months, I took territory from Portugal and made Castile give cash and revoke cores.

    I then declared war on Hassa, timer was up! and Lithuania sent me a warning?! INVADE!

    Lithuania was done right away. I'd keep fighting their defenders for some time, but they couldn't hang with the OE goonswarm.

    Next came Hassa, thus restoring the OE doctrine of annexation for all but especially for the stupid.

    And that was another decade of killing them. Although not 'all' of them. Yet.
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    40% RR .. nice! And everybody who dare to revolt shall be killed!
    no more unfinished IN AAR's

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    that level of RR is akin to 'realm duress' in CK - the true mark of a champion
    Remember, whatever the question, the answer on 18 September is Yes ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki100 View Post
    that level of RR is akin to 'realm duress' in CK - the true mark of a champion
    Lol you're just hoping to see me implode. :P I've walked right up to the edge a couple times, but haven't fallen over yet.

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    I was still fighting England and several other English allies in 1561, as well as Hordes. They sued for peace, but I continued my attempts at luring their fleet into fights they couldn't win.

    Over the course of this war, I was able to destroy about 25 English ships, but then they started grouping their fleet as one giant naval doom stack which I couldn't defeat. I'm sure smaller forces were around someplace, but not anywheer my ships could reach them.

    After capturing the last GH province I planned to take for a while, I peaced out with them: Give me cash for 5 years.

    I made peace with England a short time later, realizing I was not going to be able to hit the English Isles yet. I let revolters break free as Muscowy in the North and Punjab in the East.

    Unfortunately, when Muscowy broke free, they were too large to annex all at once so I ened up just getting back my one province from them.

    I was fighting tons of rebels all over the place this decade, and had several bad events. I took patron of the arts for NI #4.

    Punjab however was only 3 provinces, so was annexed completely for 0 infamy, giving me a couple extra provinces.

    Close to the end of the decade, I launched an attack on Portugal. It was going to be a longer war than expected since they moved their capital oversees, so I wasn't able to get much warscore despite capturing all their holdings in Iberia.

    Overall, a lackluster decade full of revolts and bad events.

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    The portugese have escaped to the new world it seems ...
    there's still plenty of ennemies to kill here!
    You seem to have really high MP , do you have army buildings everywhere or just by the sheer size ?
    no more unfinished IN AAR's

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    I build lots of manpower buildings in places with an already high base, mostly for the purpose of making manufactories cheaper. ATM my economy is being held back by my small number of magistrates, but I'm in the process of building up colleges. My manpower will be several times the current size once I get the magistrates pumping.

    The overexpansion + revolts has been a bit of a hidernace, but I'll get past it soon.

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    At the beginning of this decade, I was shockingly enough, at war with several countries! One of those was Portugal. They weern't the worst of 'them' on my list, but they were usually either allied with Castille or absorbed by them, and therefore needed to die.

    I was having trouble fighting them however, because they didn't have much left in Europe! I captured everything I could see, including their Islands and several provinces in Africa. Still, it wasn't enough to force peace. I would need to destroy their army and navy somehow to convince them that the gig was up and it was time for them to permanently vacate Iberia.

    As I was killing them, killing hordes, and killing rebels, I got a new heir, thus ensuring my continued overextension for a long time to come!

    With such an awesome ruler, I was certain glory would be mine!!!

    I got a border with a 2pm Hindu country in India and 3 months later, annexed them to celebrate my upcomming 3-5-3 King.

    Mmkay. Eventaully, I found the 22k main Portugese army in Africa! I transported 15k over and in 3 fights, wiped out the last of them, knocking his force strength down to 6k. Then a fleet with troops trying to retake the Canarias was intercepted and wiped out a week later! Portugal gave me everything I wanted at that point. I didn't take the islands, knowing they'd be hard to defend.

    Ha! OE > all of them. Why am I messing with a nobody like Portugal?!! Pshh, time to go for a country with some meat on their bones!

    Prussia had good troops. They always fought better than their Spussian friends, so I decided to hit them next! I moved tons of armies up to the border areas I was going to invade and then I started a huge war where I actually had a very big troop disadvantage because so much of my army was elsewhere.

    Here was the statistical breakdown:

    You can see there that Muscowy declared war almost instantly in a seperate war. OE response: Good. Die.

    Yemen declared the next day. OE reply: Be patient. We'll kill you when it's your turn.

    Those were both secondary to the 'big' war that had a battlefront that stretched from Spain to Novgorod. The English would attack from the sea all over the Med, mostly in Italy.

    I had a big troop advantage vs Castille and England because of sliders and 2 levels of tech. Prussian troops were about equal, except that they sucked because they were them. English naval forces were much superior, and the navy of Castille was mostly light ships so not nearly as dangerous.

    With the other two alliances that also were fighting me, the global party map looked like this:

    Straight away, I engaged and sank the bulk of the Spussian fleet. I was reserved with my land forces, waiting to see where the enemy would deploy troops first before deciding on a strategic push for the war.

    I did send about 30k to pummel the snot out of Muscowy, and they did just that.

    Several more 'allies' were called into the three wars, but mostly chumps not worth noting other than to say they died too.

    The English were not well possitioned at the start of the war and their navy was devided. I handed them several losses on the seas, putting a small but noticable dent in their naval uberness.

    The scale of this war required turning speed down to 2, with fights breaking out everywhere from Bahir India to the newly taken Portugese provinces. There was much killing all over the place!

    As fast as my armies made it to Muscowy territory, they assaulted while the other war was going on all around this minor war.

    I gave the Russians peace for land, taking only two provinces since I didn't want to spend too much BB there yet. Those Russian provinces with their crazy manpower would be needed later, but for now I wanted to move more towards the heart of the HRE.

    The body count was incredible for such a short amount of time! I think somewhere around 50k worth of enemy stacks were wiped in Iberia, not counting reinforcements that rebuilt those stacks between fights.

    In the East, it was even more dramatic. A 34K Spussian army was knocked down to about 13k in retreat, came back at about 28k later and got wiped. About 60k Prussian forces were also destroyed, and several other stacks were driven back with heavy losses.

    OE forces also suffered, but as much from attrition as from actual combat. All of that was in just a few months!

    The war started to turn dramatically in my favor, with the English taking heavy NAVAL losses in the Med and everyone else taking losses everywhere else.

    Then someone decided to crash my awesome party. An uninvited guest showed up, but you know the OE way to party; We always have room for more!

    My mightly 10k army in Hungary at that moment was the only thing on the border when 65k Bohemians drove across it. I was -just- making a serious push into Prussia and then suddenly had to withdraw much of my force to move South.

    There were now several nations sending small naval forces against me all over the Med. My Navy and Marine stack could handle any of them, but collectievly, it was becoming hard to manage so many fights on so many fronts.

    I made peace with Prussia, taking only one province. The cost of those Polish provinces was very high, and I'd need to capture over half their country to get enough warscore for a second good province.

    I then made peace with Castille, taking no land, but forcing them to break alliances, give up cores, and give me money.

    I continued to maintain a holding pattern with Yemen, just not ready to divert enough attention there yet.

    My armies moved into possition to start a push against Bohemia. This war was about to get bloody! Their inital drive had been followed up with another 20k or so of rapidly build mercs. My own forces drove in, crushing several Bohemian armies and driving them back.

    I wasn't sure why, but my troops definitely had an edge despite tech, ideas, and generals being very equal. All I could think of was sliders being in my favor, but whatever the reason, his troops cracked and retreated from my forces. He lost over half of his army before I even really got started!

    I drove in hard with huge stacks all converging like a landslide that completely crushed his armies. My forces spilled right over into Bohemia and started assaulting!

    The OE drive was stopped cold by the level 2 forts! My armies depleted almost every drop of infantry blood trying to capture territory, but I got very little to show for it except for building WE. With winter came devistating attrition for my siege forces, and my WE jumped up to over 11!

    In the South I was now beating up on Yemen, and rebels were starting to go crazy with my higher WE. Yemen used a CB that would make taking territory too expensive (they had a core on me), so I took their money, made them give up cores and alliances.

    Eventually, I was forced to make peace in Bohemia. My assaults had pittered out, and he'd built new stacks that were reaching dangerous strength again. I sent a force to hunt his armies down, and made a last asssault attempt with reinforcements before making peace and taking 2 very nice provinces.

    So the decade ended with lots of RR and revolts all over. Here's a map of OE showing recent gains and revolt risk, the worse of which was about 22, not so bad compaired to earlier I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avindian View Post
    You should get an automatic, zero infamy CB on Kazakh for "type almost as big as mine." That'd learn 'em but good!
    Umm, they're a horde so as soon as I get a border, yea. I'm colonizing my butt off. :P got tons of CoT's plus colonial ventures, but Sunni religion so it's still slow.

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    Excellent update!
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