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Thread: Enig og tro til Dovre faller: A Norway Death & Taxes AAR

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    Oh noes!
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    thats a real pity, I was enjoying you reconstructing the Norse kingdoms of the Northern Atlantic ...
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    I suppose I could start looking at whom I might try for a fresh start.

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    The ottomans would be quite fun in death and taxes.
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    Well done on awesome AAR. Well played.

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    I'll tell you what. I would like to carry on with the whole AAR train, so for those who enjoyed this one, I'll invite you to nominate/vote for whom I'll play my next one with.
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    I vote for any one of the Irish states, so as to unite Ireland and colonize the Philippines.
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    Sad to hear that, but it's good that you're going to start a new one. You write very well.
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    Very sad ending, this was a good AAR to read. Im looking forward to your next AAR!
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    I'd love to see a Persian/Sassanid Empire AAR, so that gets my vote.

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    Alright then, suggested so far: Ireland, Ottomans, Persia. Anyone want to add their voice before I pick one?

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    I guess you're a much more careful colonizer then I am, I grabbed everything I could, as soon as I could, keeping the whole operation afloat through a trading empire. Something I wasn't expecting though was: with maxed range from a lv6 navigator and quest for the new world, you can get the Canary Islands as Norway! I was actually given a quest to discover them, giving me 5 colonists to grab both of those provinces. I've now expanded as far as I can with current cores and technology. Almost all those colonies are also cities now, I think I'm only supporting 4 at this point.

    Here is actually my current map:

    Somehow I got out of the union from Denmark, but Sweden did not. I did get lucky awhile back with Denmark managing to get in a war against 18 other countries, including England, whom I had an alliance with. Sucks though that having infamy makes my trading empire collapse within a year...

    BTW, that world is from the year 1436. I bee-lined naval and trade 7 with excellent shipwrights, then switched over to quest for the new world in 1420.

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    Right, I'm currently in progress on a No Trail Of Tears game, but when that's finished, I think I'll be trying an Ottomans game... Haven't actually played them before, but even in the 1356 start they look rather straightforward. I'll post a link here when I start in the next couple of days.

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