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Thread: RumpNissen's Flag Packs

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    RumpNissen's Flag Packs

    All of my flag projects outside of the request thread. Show spoilers to read more about each pack.

    The World 2012

    This is a small project of mine, making all current national flags in the world for Hearts of Iron 2 and Darkest Hour. Shields (in Vic-, HoI2-, EU3/MDS- and DH-style), flags and counters included for all nations, federal states and autonomous territories.


    List of flags:
    Arab Republic of Egypt
    Burkina Faso
    Central African Republic
    Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
    - Afar Region
    - Amhara Region
    - Benishangul-Gumuz Region
    - Gambela Region
    - Harari Region
    - Oromia Region
    - Somali Region
    - Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region
    - Tigray Region
    Federal Republic of Nigeria
    Gabonese Republic
    Islamic Republic of Mauritania
    Kingdom of Lesotho
    Kingdom of Morocco
    Kingdom of Swaziland
    Libyan Republic
    People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
    Republic of Angola
    Republic of Benin
    Republic of Botswana
    Republic of Burundi
    Republic of Cameroon
    Republic of Cape Verde
    Republic of Chad
    Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
    Republic of Djibouti
    Republic of Equatorial Guinea
    Republic of Ghana
    Republic of Guinea
    Republic of Guinea-Bissau
    Republic of Kenya
    Republic of Liberia
    Republic of Madagascar
    Republic of Malaŵi
    Republic of Mali
    Republic of Mauritius
    - Rodrigues Island Region
    Republic of Mozambique
    Republic of Namibia
    Republic of Niger
    Republic of Rwanda
    Republic of Senegal
    Republic of Seychelles
    Republic of Sierra Leone
    Republic of Somalia
    - Puntland State of Somalia
    Republic of South Africa
    Republic of South Sudan
    Republic of Sudan
    Republic of the Congo
    Republic of the Gambia
    Republic of Uganda
    - Buganda
    - Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom
    - Busoga Kingdom
    - Kingdom of Ankole
    - Toro Kingdom
    Republic of Zambia
    Republic of Zimbabwe
    State of Eritrea
    Togolese Republic
    Tunisian Republic
    Union of the Comoros
    - Autonomous Island of Anjouan
    - Autonomous Island of Grande Comore
    - Autonomous Island of Mohéli
    United Republic of Tanzania
    - Zanzibar

    Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
    Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
    - Kingdom of Lo-Mustang
    - Autonomous Republic of Adjara
    Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    Islamic Republic of Iran
    Islamic Republic of Pakistan
    - Azad Kashmir
    - Balochistan
    - Islamabad Capital Territory
    - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    - Punjab
    - Sindh
    Kingdom of Bahrain
    Kingdom of Bhutan
    Kingdom of Cambodia
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Kingdom of Thailand
    Kyrgyz Republic
    Lao People's Democratic Republic
    People's Republic of Bangladesh
    People's Republic of China
    - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
    - Macao Special Administrative Region
    Republic of Armenia
    Republic of Azerbaijan
    - Nakhchivan
    Republic of China (Taiwan)
    Republic of India
    - Jammu and Kashmir
    - Sikkim
    Republic of Iraq
    - Iraqi Kurdistan
    Republic of Kazakhstan
    Republic of Korea
    - Jeju-do
    Republic of Lebanon
    Republic of Maldives
    Republic of Tajikistan
    Republic of Uzbekistan
    - Republic of Karakalpakstan
    Republic of Yemen
    Russian Federation
    Socialist Republic of Vietnam
    State of Israel
    State of Japan
    State of Kuwait
    State of Qatar
    Sultanate of Oman
    Syrian Arab Republic
    Union of Myanmar
    United Arab Emirates

    Russian Federal States
    Altai Krai
    Altai Republic
    Amur Oblast
    Arkhangelsk Oblast
    Astrakhan Oblast
    Belgorod Oblast
    Bryansk Oblast
    Chechen Republic
    Chelyabinsk Oblast
    Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
    Chuvash Republic — Chuvashia
    Irkutsk Oblast
    Ivanovo Oblast
    Jewish Autonomous Oblast
    Kabardino-Balkar Republic
    Kaliningrad Oblast
    Kaluga Oblast
    Kamchatka Krai
    Karachay-Cherkess Republic
    Kemerovo Oblast
    Khabarovsk Krai
    Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra
    Kirov Oblast
    Komi Republic
    Kostroma Oblast
    Krasnodar Krai
    Krasnoyarsk Krai
    Kurgan Oblast
    Kursk Oblast
    Leningrad Oblast
    Lipetsk Oblast
    Magadan Oblast
    Mari El Republic
    Moscow Oblast
    Murmansk Oblast
    Nenets Autonomous Okrug
    Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
    Novgorod Oblast
    Novosibirsk Oblast
    Omsk Oblast
    Orenburg Oblast
    Oryol Oblast
    Penza Oblast
    Perm Krai
    Primorsky Krai
    Pskov Oblast
    Republic of Adygea
    Republic of Bashkortostan
    Republic of Buryatia
    Republic of Dagestan
    Republic of Ingushetia
    Republic of Kalmykia
    Republic of Karelia
    Republic of Khakassia
    Republic of Mordovia
    Republic of Tatarstan
    Rostov Oblast
    Ryazan Oblast
    Saint Petersburg
    Sakha (Yakutia) Republic
    Sakhalin Oblast
    Samara Oblast
    Saratov Oblast
    Smolensk Oblast
    Stavropol Krai
    Sverdlovsk Oblast
    Tambov Oblast
    Tomsk Oblast
    Tula Oblast
    Tuva Republic
    Tver Oblast
    Tyumen Oblast
    Udmurt Republic
    Ulyanovsk Oblast
    Vladimir Oblast
    Volgograd Oblast
    Vologda Oblast
    Voronezh Oblast
    Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
    Yaroslavl Oblast
    Zabaykalsky Krai

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    - Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    - Republika Srpska
    Czech Republic
    -- Bohemia
    -- Czech Silesia
    -- Moravia
    Federal Republic of Germany
    - Baden-Württemberg
    - Berlin
    - Brandenburg
    - Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
    - Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
    - Free State of Bavaria
    - Free State of Saxony
    - Free State of Thuringia
    - Hesse
    - Lower Saxony
    - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    - North Rhine-Westphalia
    - Rhineland-Palatinate
    - Saarland
    - Saxony-Anhalt
    - Schleswig-Holstein
    French Republic
    - Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy
    - Collectivity of Saint Martin
    - Departmental Collectivity of Mayotte
    - French Guiana
    - French Polynesia
    - Guadeloupe
    - Martinique
    - New Caledonia
    - Réunion
    - Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon
    - Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
    - Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
    - Alsace
    - Aquitaine
    - Auvergne
    - Brittany
    - Burgundy
    - Centre
    - Champagne-Ardenne
    - Corsica
    - Franche-Comté
    - Haute-Normandie
    - Île-de-France
    - Languedoc-Roussillon
    - Limousin
    - Lorraine
    - Lower Normandy
    - Midi-Pyrénées
    - Nord-Pas-de-Calais
    - Pays de la Loire
    - Picardy
    - Poitou-Charentes
    - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
    - Rhône-Alpes
    Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
    Hellenic Republic
    Italian Republic
    - Abruzzo
    - Aosta Valley
    - Apulia
    - Basilicata
    - Calabria
    - Campania
    - Emilia–Romagna
    - Friuli–Venezia Giulia
    - Latium
    - Liguria
    - Lombardy
    - Marche
    - Molise
    - Piedmont
    - Sardinia
    - Sicily
    - Trentino-Alto Adige Südtirol
    - Tuscany
    - Umbria
    - Vèneto
    Kingdom of Belgium
    (Regions & Provinces)
    - Antwerp
    - Brussels
    - East Flanders
    - Flanders
    - Flemish Brabant
    - German Belgium
    - Hainaut
    - Liège
    - Limburg
    - Luxembourg
    - Namur
    - Wallonia
    - Walloon Brabant
    - West Flanders
    Kingdom of Denmark
    - Faroe Islands
    - Greenland
    - Bornholm
    Kingdom of Norway
    - Svalbard
    Kingdom of Spain
    - Andalusia
    - Aragon
    - Autonomous Community of La Rioja
    - Balearic Islands
    - Basque Country
    - Canary Islands
    - Cantabria
    - Castile-La Mancha
    - Catalonia
    - Ceuta
    - Chartered Community of Navarre
    - Community of Castile and León
    - Community of Madrid
    - Extremadura
    - Galicia
    - Melilla
    - Principality of Asturias
    - Región de Murcia
    - Valencian Community
    Kingdom of Sweden
    - Sápmi
    Kingdom of the Netherlands
    - Aruba
    - Bonaire
    - Country of Curaçao
    - Country of Sint Maarten
    - Saba
    - Sint Eustatius
    - Province of Drenthe
    - Province of Flevoland
    - Province of Friesland
    - Province of Gelderland
    - Province of Groningen
    - Province of Limburg
    - Province of Noord-Holland
    - Province of North Brabant
    - Province of Overijssel
    - Province of South Holland
    - Province of Utrecht
    - Province of Zeeland
    Montenegrin Republic
    Most Serene Republic of San Marino
    Portuguese Republic
    Principality of Andorra
    Principality of Liechtenstein
    Principality of Monaco
    Republic of Albania
    Republic of Austria
    - Burgenland
    - Carinthia
    - Lower Austria
    - Salzburg
    - Styria
    - Tyrol
    - Upper Austria
    - Vienna
    - Vorarlberg
    Republic of Belarus
    Republic of Bulgaria
    Republic of Croatia
    Republic of Cyprus
    Republic of Estonia
    Republic of Finland
    Republic of Hungary
    Republic of Iceland
    Republic of Ireland
    Republic of Latvia
    Republic of Lithuania
    Republic of Macedonia
    Republic of Malta
    Republic of Moldova
    - Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia
    Republic of Poland
    Republic of Serbia
    - Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
    Republic of Slovenia
    Republic of Turkey
    Slovak Republic
    Swiss Confederation
    - Aargau
    - Appenzell Ausserrhoden
    - Appenzell Innerrhoden
    - Basel-Landschaft
    - Basel-Stadt
    - Canton of Bern
    - Canton of Fribourg
    - Canton of Geneva
    - Canton of Glarus
    - Canton of Jura
    - Canton of Lucerne
    - Canton of Neuchâtel
    - Canton of Nidwalden
    - Canton of Obwalden
    - Canton of Schaffhausen
    - Canton of Schwyz
    - Canton of Solothurn
    - Canton of St. Gallen
    - Canton of Tessin
    - Canton of Uri
    - Canton of Valais
    - Canton of Vaud
    - Canton of Zug
    - Canton of Zürich
    - Graubünden
    - Thurgau
    - Ticino
    - Autonomous Republic of Crimea
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    -- England
    -- Northern Ireland
    -- Scotland
    -- Wales
    - Anguilla
    - Bailiwick of Guernsey
    (- Alderney)
    (- Herm)
    (- Sark)
    - Bailiwick of Jersey
    - Bermuda
    - British Antarctic Territory
    - British Indian Ocean Territory
    - British Virgin Islands
    - Cayman Islands
    - Falkland Islands
    - Gibraltar
    - Isle of Man
    - Montserrat
    - Orkney Islands
    - Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands
    - Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
    - Shetland Islands
    - South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
    - The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia
    - Turks and Caicos Islands
    Vatican City State

    North America & The Caribbean
    Antigua and Barbuda
    - Alberta
    - British Columbia
    - Manitoba
    - New Brunswick
    - Newfoundland and Labrador
    - Northwest Territories
    - Nova Scotia
    - Nunavut
    - OntarioPrince Edward Island
    - Prince Edward Island
    - Quebec
    - Saskatchewan
    - Yukon
    Commonwealth of Dominica
    Commonwealth of The Bahamas
    Dominican Republic
    Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
    - Nevis
    Republic of Cuba
    Republic of Haiti
    Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    United Mexican States
    United States of America

    USA States & Autonomous Territories

    American Samoa
    Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
    Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
    Johnston Atoll
    Midway Atoll
    Navassa Island
    Palmyra Atoll
    United States Virgin Islands
    Wake Island

    Commonwealth of Kentucky
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Commonwealth of Virginia
    New York
    North Carolina
    State of Alabama
    State of Alaska
    State of Arizona
    State of Arkansas
    State of California
    State of Colorado
    State of Connecticut
    State of Delaware
    State of Florida
    State of Georgia
    State of Hawaii
    State of Idaho
    State of Illinois
    State of Indiana
    State of Iowa
    State of Kansas
    State of Louisiana
    State of Maine
    State of Maryland
    State of Michigan
    State of Minnesota
    State of Mississippi
    State of Missouri
    State of Montana
    State of Nebraska
    State of Nevada
    State of New Hampshire
    State of New Jersey
    State of New Mexico
    State of North Dakota
    State of Ohio
    State of Oklahoma
    State of Oregon
    State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
    State of South Carolina
    State of South Dakota
    State of Tennessee
    State of Texas
    State of Utah
    State of Vermont
    State of Washington
    State of West Virginia
    State of Wisconsin
    State of Wyoming

    Oceania & The Pacific

    Commonwealth of Australia
    -- Aborigines
    -- Torres Strait Islanders
    - Australian Capital Territory
    - New South Wales
    - Northern Territory
    - Queensland
    - South Australia
    - Tasmania
    - Territory of Christmas Island
    - Territory of Norfolk Island
    - Territory of the Cocos Islands
    - Victoria
    - Western Australia
    Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
    Federated States of Micronesia
    - Chuuk
    - Kosrae
    - Pohnpei
    - Yap
    Independent State of Papua New Guinea
    - Autonomous Region of Bougainville
    Independent State of Samoa
    Kingdom of Tonga
    - Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
    - Federal Territory of Labuan
    - Johor
    - Kedah
    - Kelantan
    - Malacca
    - Negeri Sembilan
    - Pahang
    - Penang
    - Perak
    - Perlis
    - Putrajaya
    - Sabah
    - Sarawak
    - Selangor
    - Terengganu
    New Zealand
    - Cook Islands
    - Niue
    - Tokelau
    Republic of Indonesia
    - Aceh
    - Province of Papua
    Republic of Kiribati
    Republic of Nauru
    Republic of Palau
    Republic of Singapore
    Republic of the Fiji Islands
    Republic of the Marshall Islands
    Republic of the Philippines
    Republic of Vanuatu
    Solomon Islands
    State of Brunei

    South- & Central America
    Argentine Republic
    - Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
    - Buenos Aires Province
    - Catamarca Province
    - Chaco Province
    - Chubut Province
    - Córdoba Province
    - Corrientes Province
    - Entre Ríos Province
    - Formosa Province
    - Jujuy Province
    - La Pampa Province
    - La Rioja Province
    - Mendoza Province
    - Misiones Province
    - Neuquén Province
    - Río Negro Province
    - Salta Province
    - San Juan Province
    - San Luis Province
    - Santa Cruz Province
    - Santa Fe Province
    - Santiago del Estero Province
    - Tierra del Fuego Province
    - Tucumán Province
    Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
    - Amazonas State
    - Anzoátegui State
    - Apure State
    - Aragua State
    - Barinas State
    - Bolívar State
    - Carabobo State
    - Cojedes State
    - Delta Amacuro State
    - Falcón State
    - Federal Dependencies
    - Guárico State
    - Lara State
    - Mérida State
    - Miranda State
    - Monagas State
    - Nueva Esparta State
    - Portuguesa State
    - Sucre State
    - Táchira State
    - Trujillo State
    - Vargas State
    - Venezuelan Capital District
    - Yaracuy State
    - Zulia State
    Co-operative Republic of Guyana
    Federative Republic of Brazil
    - Amazonas State
    - Brazilian Federal District
    - State of Acre
    - State of Alagoas
    - State of Amapá
    - State of Bahia
    - State of Ceará
    - State of Espírito Santo
    - State of Goiás
    - State of Maranhão
    - State of Mato Grosso
    - State of Mato Grosso do Sul
    - State of Minas Gerais
    - State of Pará
    - State of Paraíba
    - State of Paraná
    - State of Pernambuco
    - State of Piauí
    - State of Rio de Janeiro
    - State of Rio Grande do Norte
    - State of Rio Grande do Sul
    - State of Rondônia
    - State of Roraima
    - State of Santa Catarina
    - State of São Paulo
    - State of Sergipe
    - State of Tocantins
    Oriental Republic of Uruguay
    Plurinational State of Bolivia
    - Beni Department
    - Chuquisaca Department
    - Cochabamba Department
    - La Paz Department
    - Oruro Department
    - Pando Department
    - Potosí Department
    - Santa Cruz Department
    - Tarija Department
    Republic of Chile
    - Aisén Region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
    - Antofagasta Region
    - Araucanía Region
    - Arica and Parinacota Region
    - Atacama Region
    - Biobío Region
    - Coquimbo Region
    - Easter Island
    - Los Lagos Region
    - Los Ríos Region
    - Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region
    - Maule Region
    - O'Higgins Region
    - Santiago Metropolitan Region
    - Tarapacá Region
    - Valparaíso Region
    Republic of Colombia
    - Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina
    Republic of Costa Rica
    Republic of Ecuador
    Republic of El Salvador
    Republic of Guatemala
    Republic of Honduras
    Republic of Nicaragua
    - Atlántico Norte
    - Atlántico Sur
    Republic of Panama
    Republic of Paraguay
    Republic of Peru
    Republic of Suriname

    Unaccepted & Other Nations

    Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
    Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
    Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic
    Republic of Abkhazia
    Republic of Kosovo
    Republic of Somaliland
    Republic of South Ossetia
    Romani people
    Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
    Sovereign Military Order of Malta
    State of Palestine
    Syrian Rebels
    Tamil Eelam
    - Tamil Democratic Republic
    The Assyrian Homeland
    Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

    - Karen National Union
    - Shan State Army
    - National Liberation Army
    - Popular Liberation Army
    - Communist Party of India
    - Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
    - Jaish-e-Mohammed
    - United Liberation Front of Assam
    - Republic of the South Moluccas
    - Republic of West Papua
    - Party of Free Life of Kurdistan
    - Hezbollah
    - Popular Revolutionary Army
    - Zapatista Army of National Liberation
    - Balochistan Liberation Army
    - Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi
    - Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
    - Fatah
    - Hamas
    - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
    - Communist Party of Peru
    - Communist Party of the Philippines-MLM
    - Moro Islamic Liberation Front
    - New People's Army
    - Caucasian Front
    - Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
    - Al-Shabaab
    - Supreme Islamic Courts Council
    Sri Lanka
    - Tamil Eelam
    - (Tamil Democratic Republic)
    - Sudan Liberation Movement
    - Syrian Revolution
    - Patani United Liberation Organization
    - Kurdistan Workers' Party
    - Lord's Resistance Army

    Flag of Jihad

    Super- & International Organizations
    African Union
    Association of Southeast Asian Nations
    Caribbean Community
    Central American Integration System
    Commonwealth of Independent States
    Commonwealth of Nations
    Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf
    East African Community
    European Union
    League of Arab States
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
    Pacific Islands Forum
    Union of South American Nations
    United Nations

    Full pack

    Smaller Packs
    Last update 08-10-2012

    The World 1750
    As requested by novapaddy for his mod project RDD. It's just in DH-shields and wavy flags since that was the only requested format, but I put it up here anyways (if there is a demand I might make the other formats). I've made historical and some fictional flags for most recorded nations 1750 AD. However many nations lacked any kind symbolics or heraldry, which I had to exclude from this version of the pack.

    You're more than welcome to help me find symbols or make suggestions for fictional flags for the missing nations (See list of missing flags further down).


    List of Flags:
    Asante Union
    Bamana Empire
    Benin Empire
    Corsican Republic
    Crimean Khanate
    Duchies of Modena and Reggio
    Durrani Empire
    Empire of Ethiopia
    Gorkha Kingdom of Nepal
    Grand Duchy of Tuscany
    Great Qing Empire (China)
    Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
    Johor Sultanate
    Kazakh Khanate
    Khanate of Bukhara
    Khanate of Khiva
    Khanate of Kokand
    Kingdom of Bhutan
    Kingdom of France
    Kingdom of Great Britain
    Kingdom of Hungary
    Kingdom of Ireland
    Kingdom of Joseon (Korea)
    Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti
    Kingdom of Kongo
    Kingdom of Morocco
    Kingdom of Mrauk U
    Kingdom of Ndongo
    Kingdom of Ngoyo
    Kingdom of Portugal
    Kingdom of Prussia
    Kingdom of Rapa Nui
    Kingdom of Samoa
    Kingdom of Sardinia
    Kingdom of Siam
    Kingdom of Spain
    Kingdom of Sweden
    Konbaung Dynasty (Kingdom of Burma)
    Maratha Empire
    Most Serene Republic of Genoa
    Most Serene Republic of San Marino
    Most Serene Republic of Venice
    Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
    Principality of Andorra
    Principality of Moldavia
    Principality of Monaco
    Principality of Transylvania
    Principality of Wallachia
    Republic of Cospaia
    Republic of Goust
    Republic of Ragusa
    Republic of the Seven United Netherlands
    Russian Empire
    Ryukyu Kingdom
    Sikh Confederacy
    States of the Church (Papal States)
    Sublime Ottoman State
    Sultanate of Aceh
    Sultanate of Brunei
    Sultanate of Maguindanao
    Sulu Sultanate
    Swiss Confederation
    Tokugawa Shogunate (Japan)
    Tu'i Tonga
    United Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway
    Zand Dynasty (Persia)

    Nations missing flags

    Dendi Kingdom
    Funj sultanate of Sinnar
    Ijebu Kingdom
    Jolof Empire
    Kingdom of Garo
    Kingdom of Janjero
    Kingdom of Kaffa
    Kingdom of Koya
    Kingdom of Waalo
    Kuba Kingdom
    Rozwi Empire


    Will be adding the Holy Roman Empire major members later (and maybe the smaller ones)

    Lord of the Rings

    Still missing a lot of nations but these are the only ones I could find any sort of flags or Coat of Arms for.



    Any additional flags or corrections are welcome

    List of Flags:

    City States of Lindon
    Easterlings of Rhûn
    Gil-galad Dynasty of Rivendell
    Hobbits of The Shire
    Khaganate of Khand
    Kingdom of Dale
    Kingdom of Gondor
    Kingdom of Rohan
    Kingdom of the Lone Mountain Erebor
    Principality of Dol Amroth
    State of Umbar
    United Tribes of Harad

    Operation Flashpoint & ArmA

    I'm a big fan of Bohemia Interactives games. So just for fun I made flags for the fictional nations that appear in their games.



    List of flags:

    Republic of Everon
    Democratic Republic of Nogova
    Molatian Socialist Republic of Northern Duala
    Afrenien Democratic Republic of Southern Duala
    Kingdom of Sahrani
    Democratic Republic of Sahrani
    Federal Republic of Chernarus
    Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star
    Democratic Republic of Takistan

    Last update 08-10-2012
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    Ooh, looks lovely, though bundle them all into one .zip or .rar and it would be easier.
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    Thank you, I was actually looking for some counters

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamRiordan View Post
    Ooh, looks lovely, though bundle them all into one .zip or .rar and it would be easier.
    I plan to do that when I'm done with all the continents

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    Great (and big) work Rumpnissen89!!!!!
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    >>> Over than 3000 shields/flags for HoI2 cataloged by country => http://hoiflags.blogspot.com

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    Ooh, looks lovely, though bundle them all into one .zip or .rar and it would be easier.
    DownThemAll! or JDownloader both only require one click and the poster doesn't have to do anything.

    Indefinitely retired from modding Paradox games.

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    Great work.

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    Great Work! Love that you used Rhode Island's proper name too

    Oh, and noting the Commonwealths too....
    "Was your court at the trial of Visser constituted in any way like this, what rule did you shoot him under?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasha View Post
    Great Work! Love that you used Rhode Island's proper name too

    Oh, and noting the Commonwealths too....
    Well, that's how they're named in the Wiki pages so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiamRiordan View Post
    Ooh, looks lovely, though bundle them all into one .zip or .rar and it would be easier.

    I don't know anybody who would ever want just one part of a flag mod, haha, so save us all the steps.

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    The Flags work well, but the counters came out corrupted when I put them in my game...
    Why is that? Is there something else that need to be done before putting them in the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by General Mosh View Post
    Real World as in currently, today?
    uh, yes... anything I've missed?

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrmidones View Post
    The Flags work well, but the counters came out corrupted when I put them in my game...
    Why is that? Is there something else that need to be done before putting them in the game?
    try this:

    I will probably fix all my counters with this solution later

    In other news, a new pack "Oceania & The Pacific" have been released. I've updated the first post. Only one continent and an "extra pack" left

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    Quote Originally Posted by RumpNissen89 View Post
    uh, yes... anything I've missed?

    try this:

    I will probably fix all my counters with this solution later

    In other news, a new pack "Oceania & The Pacific" have been released. I've updated the first post. Only one continent and an "extra pack" left
    Thanks. It worked.

    As for missing states, except the states not recognized by the UN (Abkhazia, Transnistria, South Ossetia, North Cyprus, Nagorno-Karabakh, Somaliland, Palestine, Kosovo and Western Sahara), I didn't see anything missing.
    Though you have the ROC which is not part of the UN (Well, not anymore).

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    UN, EU, AU, NATO and other 'transnational' flags, perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myrmidones View Post
    As for missing states, except the states not recognized by the UN (Abkhazia, Transnistria, South Ossetia, North Cyprus, Nagorno-Karabakh, Somaliland, Palestine, Kosovo and Western Sahara), I didn't see anything missing.
    Though you have the ROC which is not part of the UN (Well, not anymore).
    Quote Originally Posted by Serenissima View Post
    UN, EU, AU, NATO and other 'transnational' flags, perhaps?
    Like I said, one continent and one "extra" pack left

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    2 Last packs are now available:
    - South- & Central America
    - Unofficial & Other Nations

    The World Pack will be released after I've updated the older packs with proper DH-style shields and finished the Russian Federal States counters.

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    This is really great, all of it, but... Why no love for the Swedish provinces?
    Slaughter is the best medicine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzergruppe View Post
    This is really great, all of it, but... Why no love for the Swedish provinces?
    Well... they don't really have enough autonomous rule. Do you have a request? You know where to make one ^^
    (Sanningen och säga är de rätt tråkiga, bara Jämtlands flagga sticker ut)

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    The Africa pack has been updated with proper DH-shields and South Sudan added as a proper nation.

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