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Thread: Official info V (Wednesday Nov 2)

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    Official info V (Wednesday Nov 2)

    Hi everyone!

    Today's patch just went live on Steam and removes more crashes as well as fixing lots of other stuff. The complete list is below.
    Again: thanks for your patience!

    //Paradox & Kerberos

    -----Removed crashes & most important additions------
    • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when battle riders, drones, boarding pods, assault shuttles or biomissiles were launched in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where Swarmers could crash the game while launching from the hive.
    • Fixed a crash that was occurring when creating new provinces.
    • Fixed a crash caused by incorrect retrieval of achievement states.
    • Fixed an issue where failure to load an asset could prevent screens from transitioning.
    • Fixed multiplayer compatibility issues between 32- and 64-bit versions of the game.
    • The Continue Game button is now working.
    • Tool tips have been added to the combat UI.

    ------Fixes and Other Changes------
    • Fixed an issue where public games were not being correctly published to the GameSpy master server.
    • AI is now more aggressive in combat and starts closer to the action. This was done to address some cases where AI versus AI combat simulation was not resolving.
    • Fixed known issues where modules were not being displayed on stations.
    • Fixed an issue where certain ship designs were not being assigned default sensor ranges.
    • Fixed an issue where planetary missiles were not hitting targets.
    • Fixed a ship avoidance issue where ships could become immobilized between a station and the planet is orbits.
    • Fixed issues where the game was incorrectly assessing whether players should engage in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where the game was not correctly determining when players had discovered each other on the star map.
    • Fixed issues where starting system distributions on star maps could be needlessly unbalanced.
    • Fixed an issue where missiles and mines were not being assigned the correct structure, causing them to be too easy to pick off.
    • Fixed the issue where Swarmers were not correctly pursuing moving targets.
    • Fixed an issue where Hiver gates were not being deployed while enemy colonies existed in the system.
    • Fixed a critical issue with lists in the GUI that was causing the Admiral Manager to present misleading data.
    • Fixed an issue where Battle Cruisers and Battleships were being unlocked without the correct technologies being acquired.
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect large amount of terraforming damage could be applied by weapons in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where the Von Neumann constructs could spawn at the center of a star system.
    • Fixed an issue where reserve fleets were being included in sensor range checks
    • The System Killer's beam range has been increased.
    • Added missing icons to Heavy Beam modules.
    • Start positions for certain combat encounters have been brought in closer.
    • The ship HUD is no longer displayed when planets are selected in combat.
    • There have been a handful of fixes to various weapon and ship art files.

    • Game setup now automatically defaults to the maximum players for the selected map.
    • Missile warheads will now upgrade.
    • Players are now presented with the option of renaming their initial home world as a new colony.
    • The game launcher options dialog now includes a "Prefer 64-bit Process" checkbox. This can be unchecked to override default behavior and run the 32-bit version of the game on 64-bit operating systems.
    • Features have been added to the station manager: * Module descriptions have been added. * The station module build queue now displays cost. * A Max button has been added to the module build queue controls.
    • Changes have been made to the upgrade paths of stations to prevent certain issues where upgrades might never be possible.
    • The station manager now shows up as a window on the star map.
    • The planet information window now shows up as a window on the starmap.
    • The redundant confirmation dialog that displayed when loading games has been removed.
    • The Defense Manager tray has been hidden in this update to prevent the possibility of fleets becoming on the system map.
    • The Liir Protectorate is now locked until the correct technology is acquired.
    • As a stop-gap measure the initial window resolution supplied in the game launcher options has been reduced from 1680x1050 to 1280x960. This may help newcomers to the game in cases where the initial window size is too large for certain desktop and display configurations. Others may adjust this value in the options dialog as needed.

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    Thank you

    Thank you. Quite a few fixes I am happy about mainly this one
    •Fixed issues where the game was incorrectly assessing whether players should engage in combat.

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    Thanks Jorgen, looks very promising! However I am sad to see that the major sound issues are not part of the changelog.
    AKA: RoninX @ Taleworlds: M&B

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    Thanks Jorgen, looks very promising! However I am sad to see that the major sound issues are not part of the changelog.
    I totally agree. I just started a new game to check out the fixes and got into combat on turn 3 and guess what? The sound died and I quit. I just can't force myself to play this game anymore in silence. However I have a feeling that this may be a tough nut to crack. Don't know, I'm not a coder. I am encouraged to see all the fixes you guys did. Lots of hours put in I see and I am very grateful for your efforts so far.

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    Excellent patch Im hoping aswell that the rumors that the sound issues would be covered by the friday patch are true.

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    Thanks for the update, You.

    Hopefully soon the audio gets fixed. I love the ambient background noise.

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    Looking good! time for another game! we will hunt these bugs down yet!

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    thank you so much for all the hard work there doing.

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    I have three saves with permanent CTDs after pushing end turn. I wonder which could I continue.

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    There is progress, but the game is still more a torture then enjoyment.
    I had my first serious battle just now, and I'm saddened by the state of the ship behaviour in tactical combat. Sometimes they attack, sometimes they don't. They don't move like in the first SotS, and often just line up one beside the other, pounding in the direction of the enemy and killing my own ships in the process. Manual move commands don't work all the time, and I can't figure out how to make them open fire on an enemy planet.
    Also, I have a feeling that ships lack mass. They look like toys.
    Back to playing SotS Prime until the next patch...

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    I see there is no fix for the intercept crash. That has me ctd locked in all my games.

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    Might have missed it before, but the main menu figures itself out faster now and you don't need the background to create a game.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voidster12 View Post
    we will hunt these bugs down yet!
    My Queen, they are onto us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    Thanks Jorgen, looks very promising! However I am sad to see that the major sound issues are not part of the changelog.
    I must say I've noticed an improvement in the sound department though. So far, with 4 battles under my belt, I only lost sound in the last one and have yet to have lost it in the weapon test screen. Prepatch, the first time any weapon was fired (including, oddly, in AI vs AI simmulated battles) the sound would go.

    That aside though, I'm happy to see such frequent patches, and the game is becoming increasingly playable. Very excited about the eventual finished product!

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    Yo, first post.

    Just wanted to add something i think should be high priority.

    1. Automatic engagement/stances on your ships (individually), micromanaging your ships like it is now, is no fun..
    2. When deleting designs that design should also be deleted from build window (or activate the greyed out trash can)
    3. better way of seeing how long my fleet supply range actually is (visually) saves me the irritation of having to click planets and order missions to see if my fleet pops up..

    Keep up the bug hunting, you are doing great.

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    I hope and truly pray that reviewers of this game give due consideration to the most commendable responsibility that Paradox and Keberos are taking to fix their mistakes and the rapid progress they are making.

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    Thanks BUT come on

    HUMAN Space Stations still crashes, when you try to add more modules after an upgrade ... (tried it with an old save game

    AS IT WASN't possible for me to start a new game, the first time it crashed for me at that point !

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    There are still crashes and bugs, there are still content problems, and i lost the ability to build Residence modules on all stations with every race, but it runs more smothly, the fleets spawn closer to enemys, and there are really visible changes and steps in the right direction. Honestly, dont await they can fix all in 1 week, give them at least 2-3 weeks to get it complete stable. Many content is still deactivated. Just give them a little bit more time, at least you have to admit there are clear steps in the right direction, real progress. But all good things need there time

    Still a thumb up from me for there hard work and progress so far

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    Still wondering about random encounters.
    None of you all seem to understand
    I'm not locked in here with you
    You're locked in here with me

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    keep it up, still not playing sots 2 cause of alot of randomness. (make it posible to clear all designs is on of the "major" ones for me) till ill start playing ^_^ meantime ill wait it out and enjoy sots 1

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    Well progress is good and good on em for finally coming to the party might get some good kudos now

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