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Thread: Magicka - The Stars are Left Q&A!

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    Magicka - The Stars are Left Q&A!

    As you probably know by now everybody’s favorite magical multiplayer massacre is taking on an all-new adventure in Magicka: The Stars are Left.

    Now you've got the chance to ask any questions you may have about the expansion.

    Why ‘Stars are Left’? What is the expansion about? Will Vlad mess it all up? Ask Magicka Game Director Johan Pilestedt & Paradox Producer Shams Jorjani almost anything and we’ll make a Q&A video of it. Go go go bananas!

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    Well, the very first question you've already asked: "why `stars are left'?" Any particular reason for that name, or was it a random word generator?

    Also, can you go pineapples instead of bananas?
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    Apart from a new campaign and probably new spells and equipment, will The Stars Are Left bring in any gamechanging elements?

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    Will we visit R'lyeh?
    Are you going to be adding a sanity system to the game or are the wizards insane enough already?
    What shade is the colour out of space?
    I assume "the stars are left" is a play on "the stars are right" meaning either "the stars are aligned correctly" or that you play steve jackson games Do you play steve jackson games?

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    Will there be emotes added to the game? How many more dlc packs are we going to get after this one?

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    There's been some "hints" about new features included. Feature "much asked for by the community".
    Does that include a reworked save system?

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    Could I have the TINIEST in game reference?

    On a serious note, would there be a bit more in-game depth? What I mean is will there be puzzles which need to be solved - think Prince of Persia ( Not the 4th one, it's an abomination of the series!" and perhaps a bit more of an RPG feel with an inventory? Not necessarily major in game, but will there be anything like that?
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    - Is the game engine Improved with the DLC?
    - What about the Network code? is it still as Taxing?
    - Are these changes to the Campaign only?
    - Is Vlad still *NOT* a Vampire?
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    To be honest I'd like a villain who would try to prove Vlad is a vampire.

    But that's impossible. Vlad is *NOT* a Vampire. But yes, will we see more of extra pale human Vlad?
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    What will the new magicks and robes do?
    Will there be an 'M.C.Escher style' perspective breaking room?
    Will Cuthulu actualy feature in the story? If so will we fight him?
    Will there be a minecraft steve out fit?

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    Are you going to bring back poison?
    Are you, instead of doing the above, turn the "G" button into a ninth element that varies for different robes?
    Are you going to make fun of karma meters?
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    I just wanna know if the wizard school is gonna be explorable and hell i would love it to be a chat lobby for magicka PVP/Challange etc.
    walk around the school talk to other players and ask if people want join a party then you get a room with interactive Points of intrest like the chalk board could have a pull down map that shows quests avalible from each player and you can continue them or you can do challange mode quests where they have higher skill ranking or even set up a 2v2 or free for all PVP arena. also you can invite anyone to the room and particpents can pick who hosts and who plays aswell as spectator modes.

    this is wishful thinking i know, but i'd love to see server lobbys too. Servers are saved on your keychain that you can edit in the keyroom, (enter IP and give it a name to make a key) these keys can be traded to other players in the lobby some keys will be enchanted so they need a password to use them. blah i don't know why i thought of it but hell it sounds cool.

    i would love to see more of an RPG style play this time around more interactive NPCs etc, I want Multiplayer to be user friendly and also have the lobby as a kind of mini game so people are given insentive to play together. like have arrowhead staff come on to the lobbys as head wizards once in a while to give away unique DLC for events they anounce on the forums and home page of the game (ie that book that lags some people with poor systems)

    idk i just want to see more fun and more incentive to play together + make new magicka buddehs
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