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Thread: What will the music be like?

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    What will the music be like?

    The music in Syndicate really added to the atmosphere of a futuristic dystopia, will you guys be trying to use a similar musical theme?

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    Hopefully something like this.

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    Hopefully something like this!

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    hopefully something like this!

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    Hopefully some really dark (not that there's much that isn't quite dark) dark ambient

    e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihHPnbqukBs

    Or maybe something along ebm lines like some of the 90s linked stuff seems to be. Or just any stuff along the lines of darker electronic music/ambient (darkstep, dubstep , acid techno, psy tech etc) with more of a video gamey music strucuture.
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    Hopefully something like this.

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    Damn, Lustmord and that Stakka and Skynet, would suit just perfectly IMO

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    Hopefully something that.

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    Music like the Soviet March .

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