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Thread: Earning ducats - Surveys frequently do not pay out

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    Earning ducats - Surveys frequently do not pay out

    I've noticed trying to earn Ducats to spend in the HoITCG that the survey options frequently seem to not pay out on their ducats. This seems to happen most when they can't find a survey for you at the initial site you're sent to, and it redirects you to another site.

    I've also experienced a few times now where I've done a survey for 15+ minutes and it's tossed me out saying I don't qualify. Considering I'd already filled out 75% or more of the survey based on the completion tracker, that just seems deceptive.

    I know you guys don't have direct control over this stuff, that's all SuperRewards, but it's something that I wanted to bring to your attention.

    EDIT: Example of a survey not paying out attached. Just did this Australian telecommunications survey, spent about 20 minutes on it, got this message right after I'd filled out the standard finishing questions about how I felt about the survey, if there was anything additional I'd like to add, etc.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	paradoxconnectsurvey.png
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    Will look in to this again, thanks for noticing!

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    Hey, Sorry to reopen but i did make the same expieriance...
    anyhow, how can i get the earned ducates to tcg? it still shows 0 while i have like 200 already earned?

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    Because of the problems we have now removed Super Rewards as a payment alternative. The ducats should be in now.

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