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Thread: For the developers: Some errors which may have not cought your attention

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    Ha, I wondered why the map looks so similar to CK1 - so they actually used the same map? Interesting.

    (I agree Bohemia looks AWFUL on the old map. The shape is unrecognisable.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by S3W View Post
    Just to complete your post

    I printscreened this image from the Duke of Swabia video on youtube.
    The dark gray part of the Duchy of Austria is the province called Znojmo.
    So it belongs to the right duchy

    ...only its name is...well incorrect
    and yes if the borders and size of the provinces are not changed, it would be nice if at least the name of the province could be changed. The name Znojmo suggests the culture of that province to be czech rather than german, which is wrong in case of the 11th century and all centuries after. It probably would not be wrong if the game starts 200 years earlier, when this province was actually part of moravia, but not in 1066.

    So if the province Znojmo stays as it is now, it should at least be renamed to what it was called in CK1 "Morava" (or after the german name for the river: "March")

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