Or whatever its called. It drives me crazy. I dont feel it adds anything to the game other than adding weird restraints to the player.

I know that i can witdraw from it, but then i cant trade with other empires which is usually my main strategy.

It annoys me that i can be building up my empire planning to construct some large trade star bases, when all of a sudden a galactic law passes saying that i cant exceed two modules. Or even more redliculous, a law passes saying that i have to abandon democracy and now be an imperial government. I mean the unted nations has no where near the that authority on earth. I doubt that any socety would cede that kind of authority to and inter galactic body.

On another note, is ther any way to mod out the fundamentalist event? I always play a good alien race, and its fun to have an evil yor or drengin empire menacing the galaxy. Bt the fundamentalsits always seem to come along and screw the evil races up.

That event is rediculous on so many levels, and takes away the bad guys that makes the game fun.

Great game, would be 100 times better though if i could take these two things out of it.