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Thread: an idea for magicka

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    King of the hill and capture the flag. Same as usual but rewards the players that follow the objective with magicks.

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    King of the Hill would be fun.

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    Trine wizard

    To celebrate the game Trine 2 which is coming out soon.
    Wizard which instead of weapon has levitate skill which enables you to move anything (except yourself). Could also have a staff which gives the middle click ability to summon boxes.

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    Red Wizard Green Wizard:

    Basically a Wacky spin-off of the classic game of Red Light, Green Light.
    First wizard across the finish line wins, if you move while there's a red light, you're warped back to the beginning.
    Would need to make it so the wizards aren't capable of killing each other.
    Small monsters would come around, attempting to kill off the wizards to prevent them from crossing the precious line!

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    Attack of the Zombie Wizard

    A game mode wear one wizard is the zombie which is invincible, one hit kills people, moves slowly and can only use mele weapons. The rest of the wizards have to try and avoid being killed or other wise they become zombies.

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    Cursed wizard

    Weapon does high damage and better than average speed but does damage back to the player with each strike. middle click ability is beast form which turns you into a werewolf which has even stronger mele than his weapon and does not do damage back, also has more health and speed but you can not use magic, you are unable to attack for a certain time when you change back and the more you kill the longer you are a werewolf.

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    The Kid Wizard (from I want to be the guy)

    weapon is jump which in fact does no damage but allows you to leap frog enemies. middle click ability is killer apples which causes apples to fall to random areas that do high damage.
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    Security wizard

    has a police baton as weapon and special ability is similar to nullify but also gives all the effects of vanilla wizards for a certain time (eg resistance to poison would be removed, could also make slow wizards faster) along with nullify's effects

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    milky milk shake wizard (smosh)

    throws milkshakes which damages slows and wets opponents and slows and middle click ability is milkshake cannon which shoots out an altered version of the water spray which has the same effect as his weapon but last longer and does no damage.

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    Link Wizard

    We have the navi why not have link?
    Master sword as weapon. staff that summons navi when you don't have one already but it only last for a few seconds (got to use just before death to be revived by navi).

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    Spamming Wizard

    throws TV infomercial stuff at people (or a gun that shoots junk mail) and middle click covers screen with product adds (wizard parody based ones).

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    Octowizard (parody of octodad)

    He not an octopus, he has a disease that makes his body yellow.
    movement is click by click for each leg but the character takes long steps. weapon is grab which does no damage but enable you to grab then through an enemy (does damage and knocks enemy and target if it is an npc when it hits something). middle click is ink squirt which confuses enemies.
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    Tower defence wizard

    parody of sanctum.
    weapon is a freeze gun which does no damage but slows people but can be charged for a short period to have an AOE effect. middle click summons scatter laser which is a rapid fire but weak tower (it can shoot at air targets but magicka and the goblin don't support the use of air based warriors)

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    My god, this thread got spammed too much xD
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    true but I am still only low level and the only reason their is so many posts is so ideas can be placed which people can give feedback about instead of contently having to edit the original post which would take up more than a page and you can only have a certain amount of characters. But its great to see your going to post your ideas.
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    cave story wizard

    has the bubble gun as its weapon which protects you from projectiles (includes arrows) and damages enemies (soap in the eyes is painful). staff is the rocket launcher, so obviously middle click shoots out rockets.

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    Point and click wizard

    parody of point and click games.
    character is very slow at everything (includes casting spells and magicks) but has an extremely powerful weapon (most likely ranged weapon)

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    Magicka Tower defence 2.0 wizard
    middle click makes you extremely weak and unable to move for a period of time but you can now summon a towers which acts like the last used spell. Towers are unable to move or be moved, are weak, if you die the towers you summoned are destroy and also the spells they cast have a delay.

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    Mime Wizard

    all spells are invisible (including mines), weapon is an imaginary gun and an imaginary staff which has a middle click ability that creates invisible box around the player.

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    enjoying getting your post count up with the spam?

    Wait, you've been talking to yourself for the last 2 months and it only looked like spam, my mistake. Sorry.

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