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Thread: how do you line up supply by air?

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    how do you line up supply by air?

    My current sandbox game as Israel is going swimmingly. The Syrians were even nice enough to DOW me, which I promptly negotiated back to peace. Now I'm getting my ducks in a row to return the favor and run off with their entire country. I'd like to supply my invasion forces by air, because my SuperHercules are faster and also a couple places I want to take over there are off in the boonies, so trucks might not work well. But I don't understand how to line it up. Do I set them to escort the group of units each will re-supply, or patrol, etc?

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    Air supply direct on the frontline or deep in enemy territory is to risky for me. There are all over the place long range AA vehicles, damaging or shooting down transport planes. And also even damaged enemy airplanes will destroy air transports quickly.

    Anyway: If you sent your troops deep in enemy territory (Paratroopers for example), you can order the transport planes to the hex where your troops are and it will fly turns over it, supplying your troops. Sent some fighter too......
    If you want to resupply a long frontline I would say patrol is a good way. Sent air transports to one end of the line and than let them patrol to the other end of the line. They will do so as long as you don īt change their order (or they are shoot down).
    If your troops drive a long way through desert I would use the escort mission on the slowest unit, so it can catch up with the faster units and when it reach them the air transport supllies the other units too.

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