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Thread: AHD DD2 Railroads and Tradegoods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathian View Post
    Thank goodness for these changes ^^

    Now, while we are in the subject, how about a nice "build all available" button so us poor souls playing commies won't have to pause 40 mins each time a new railroad tech is researched?
    If they have sorted the economy properly, this will hopefully not be required. But it might be useful, just in case.
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    People here mentioned maintenance cost for RR... Far be it from me, but wouldn't it work if you, say, create a new resource - trains, or locomotives, or whatever? That was quite an important good that is non-existent in the game, even though there are railroads.

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    Beside this, i'd love to see an improved fleet system (like dh or hoi) and overall THE improvements drom the pop demand mod.
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    Excellent news! Can't wait until it actually feels like a struggle to build a trans-continental railroad.
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    Trains! Brilliant! It was always so strange, for me, to see the great Railroads across Canada being built in in 40s, when the first railroad across all of Canada wasn't finished until the 80s... And then, by the 70s, all of Canada from the border to the very northern tip is as heavily railroaded as England? It's just so wrong.
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    I hope along with this railroad improvement is something to help the capi ai, cause if it's now going to cost a helluva lot more to build railroads, they better start building them semi-intelligently, no more spamming them across the pacific islands as I'm trying to build forts and naval bases.

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    This screen I like, I've been wondering a few time, am I producing enough to meet my own needs and its very difficult to find the numbers anywhere.
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    Now this is a change I like. I'd also support some kind of profitability calculator for capitalists building RR, but I think it may be a bit too late for that now. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nippon View Post
    Now this is a change I like. I'd also support some kind of profitability calculator for capitalists building RR, but I think it may be a bit too late for that now. Oh well.
    at the very least I should be able to override any railroad build with a fort or a naval base; I'm really tired of fighting capi's to get my forts or naval bases in. It's to the point that I refuse to research the next level of railroad until I have all my forts/naval bases i want being built.

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    The synthetic data on goods are excellent, finally it is possible to have a macro vision on those!

    Now the next step is to apply this approach to pop. The questions I would like to find an answer are:
    - what is the demographic trend for such and such a population? (and not only for the last day!)
    - how are my capis/soldiers/unemployed/... distributed geographically? What % of capis does such and such a region represent?
    - What is the overall stat of a customly defined pop (let's say, Jewish artisans all over the empire: average militancy, average unemployment, etc.)

    I know what I suggest is almost impossible to implement to its full extent. One can dream! But at least the spirit is to have easy access to more synthetic data on pops, at a "decision-maker" level.

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    Good changes, and the railroad is better since it is annoying having troops cross all of africa in a mont or two right through the saharah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenwayb View Post
    I hope along with this railroad improvement is something to help the capi ai, cause if it's now going to cost a helluva lot more to build railroads, they better start building them semi-intelligently, no more spamming them across the pacific islands as I'm trying to build forts and naval bases.
    This x1000. It can be near impossible to build naval bases in newly acquired territory. Since capi's will spam 5 levels of railroad.

    Also, is there a need for a transcontinental railroad? If railroads only affect troop movement & factory/RGos like I think they do, I don't see a massive need for a transcontinental railroad. Assuming that the transportation of goods doesn't change dramitically.

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    Excellent news with these developments, it's good to see that the Devs are listening to at least some of the community's requests.

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    How about armored trains?

    A troop type that can only move on railroads! It would make a great incentive to make the railroads connect.
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    Hmm, I never thought about it, but the idea that the rail network functions without workers or resources seems absolutely absurd to me, and perhaps a contributing reason for the economic wonkiness of this game.

    I wonder if this couldn't be facilitated by having them function similarly to a factory, at the least if the player could see and interact with them in the factory interface screen, or one similar to it. I could picture the things existing as psuedo-factories, with daily coal, iron, and wood inputs, having a workforce and being able to expand them from that interface if you wanted. Possibly they could interact with state factories, costing the factory money to use the rails, creating another layer of interaction to help balance the economics of this game.

    I also like the idea of life-rating being the rail level factor, or at least a contributing factor for it. With a static method determined by terrain type, all mountain provinces are unrailable until X point, as all mountains are equal. But some mountains are more equal than others, and it would allow for rails to exist at all in utterly inhospitable places like the Himalayas earlier than realistically, but prevent rails from being built when they were historically possible, say in Austria for example.

    I wonder if maybe cost couldn't be a constricting factor as well; with enough resources anything could be done, but who would pay say, a hundred thousand, or just "lots" for a level 1 railway in a barren mountain range somewhere?

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    These are very good developments. I'm glad to see that PI takes note of the suggestions made by people on this forum earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by podcat View Post
    This minimum level also works as a penalty so a level 4 railroad in mountains will only effectively work like a level 1 basic railroad.
    Although I love the rest of what you are doing with railroads, I agree with an above poster that this is not how I would represent that. With the required tech(s), a railroad through the mountains shouldn't be much slower than a railroad through less hostile terrain.
    The massive costs of building tunnels and bridges for the rail line through mountainous provinces should instead be represented through much higher upfront and maintenance costs.
    Something like a base cost for plains, 1.5x that cost for hills, 3x that cost for mountains etc.

    Are railroads in the expansion going to be regarded as an investment by capitalists, and need to pay their way for capitalists to build them? Currently capitalists just seem to build them anywhere and it doesn't seem like they take into account whether the railway will benefit factory throughput or not. The terrain additions won't be able to solve this alone, I don't want to see capitalists build railroads from one almost empty and factoryless plains province to another.
    Capitalists should only really be building railroads where the benefit to factories will outweigh the cost.
    They shouldn't be building railroads, for example, from one side of Russia or America to the other. Strategic railroad building such as that should need government involvement.

    On another note, semi related to railways, in either this expansion or a patch could you change the province building interface so that either;
    multiple province buildings (railroads, ports, forts) can be built at once, or
    province buildings can be queued and cancelled.
    It is very annoying when you want to build a naval base somewhere and the capitalist ai constantly starts building the next level of railroad before you can.
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    I liked.

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    Perhaps, instead of putting the railroads building option in the province screen with forts and naval bases, it would be better off putting it in with the factory screen, with a column of it's own either at the end or the beginning.

    If the railroads were treated under the same mechanics as the factories, then insufficient funds to keep them maintained (taken from factory profits) would allow them to downgrade or become less efficient, and likewise they could grow levels (restricted by technology still of course) through capitalist or state investment.

    Doing it this way there's then also the possibility that you could implement government subsidies for railroad maintenance just like you can subsidise factories now.

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    Here is another thought- don't make building railroads from level 1, then level 2, then level 3. Instead, when you own a no-railroad province and want to build railroad there, it would make better sense just to build max level railroad you have in the province.

    Speaking of economy- make a strong differentiation between colonies and motherlands. A la Age of Colonialism mod. Would make much more sense then your colonies deep in Africa jumping to Cormicks reaping machine...
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