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Thread: From the begining to the end!

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    From the begining to the end!

    I made this thread to see what starting countries players prefer. I like Romania (i am Romanian), Ukraine, South Africa and Indonezia.

    Here is a pic with my latest game with Romania (still early in the game).

    Uploaded with

    This was quite nice, though the campaign against Bulgaria triggered Greece, Norway, Belgium, Austria, Macedonia and United Kingdom into declaring war on me. Couldn't keep the war effort for the full annexation of Greece, but I'll be back.

    So, post the beginning and end of your empire's expansion

    Btw, i choose Romania also because it has very ritch resources, one of the best countries to start. You have to build everything yourself, thus making it possible to choose any tech development you choose (i tried tanks, airpower (fighter/bombers) and frigates in this campaign). Worked like a charm

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    Not finished yet

    I started recently a new game as Western Germany, I picked therefore Shattered World scenario. I had Eastern and Southern Germany States as allys and denied all other questions of the ai for ally or for peace. I was not a very friendly ally for them, using them only as a bloc against eastern and southern countrys and waited for their surrender after taking over western Europe. Now it is mid 2030, I control Europe without Iceland, Sardinia&Sicily and the Kosovo, I have the former USSR under my control and conquered Iran, Irak, Turkey, Jordan, Saud Arabia, Kuwait, Mongolia, Oman and Afgahnistan. Currently Im at war with Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Northern China and Uyghuristan. My Tech Level has reached 131 and now Im researching Phaser and later my first Phaser tank (greetings from StarTrek, eh?), because my GMT2 StormHunter Tanks will next time eventualle meet Indian and/or Chinese GMT StormHunter tanks, so the technology gap must be reopened.
    This is my first game which I want to finish as World Dominator.

    Most games I start with Germany, Western Germany or Japan. Funny game I had once with Venezuela, conquering USA via Cuba with naval landings in Florida....

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    Israel for me. I'm still learning the game, but when I get to a point of reasonable competence I intend to play thru as Israel in Sandbox mode. When i do, I'll generate a regularly updated AAR with screenshots as I do.

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    getting the end pic is hard, espacially when i...
    started in september.
    the reason and general target behind my conquests is

    btw, do any of you know how to cuild a base on an unmanned island?

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    oh come one guys :<

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    I don't really know, but my guess is that supply lines should be established somehow. Perhaps a small pier should be built first, if possible? Perhaps the pier can be built only if a supply ship is nearby? Just wild guessing, really.

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    nah, it didnt work... too bad welp, well i also hoped this thread woudl relive... how didn't i noticed your post earlier?

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    Engineer units will allow you to build a military or industrial complex in unsupplied territory. He simply has to be in or next to the hex you want to build on. Once the complex is built it will generate supply for everything else to be built.
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    How things work

    OK this is my first post and I wasn't sure where to post this, so here it goes.
    Just to say that as much as I like the game Supreme Ruler 2020 there are so many questions about how the game works that I would like to finally know so I could enjoy the game 100%. I finished the game Tutorial, and read the PDF version several times, but there are still some things I just don't understand.
    First of all I don't understand why is my UN subsidy rate soo low, everyone elses in the game is almoust 100%, mine is almoust all the time at 1%, except a few times it raised to 5-6% after the war was over and I didn't know even why. So my first question is how to raise the UN subsidy rate, what do I need to do?
    Second is the thing about rising provocation. I know that it rises because when I build up my military units, stack them near someones border and things like that. But the Al in the game is doing the same thing with other nations, so why are all other nations so angry with me when they are doing the same thing?
    And I would like to know why the Al in my game isn't doing anything but building tons of military units. I've seen a lots of video's on Youtube, and in their games there are lots of things and events happening. Nations go to war, nations help each other during the war, player gets contacted by other nations and things like that. In my game, nobody contact's me, nobody offers me anything, it's like my country doesn't exist. The only thing they do is going to war with me, and in most cases I managed to beat them pretty bad. I'm playing shattered world map with Croatia on very hard difficulty for a month now, it's 2026, and because of going to war with me I managed to defeat Slovenia, Montenegro and took a good part of Hungary and Austria in my game. The only alliances I have are with Serbia, Serb Republic and Milan, everyone else hates me really bad. So I would like to know how to change the game settings so it would be more interesting, and so that other nations would go to war with each other and not just me. And how to make other nations to like me?
    Alsou I would like to know how to change in the game the goverment type of my country, I allowed it to be changable in game options, but I haven't seen any option in the game how to do so.

    Oh yeah and one question for the developers. Now this isn't a big thing, but I really don't understand why is there only one music type for each nation. For example if i play as Egypt the game would play only the Arabic version soundtrack, if I play as China only the East Asian soundtrack would play, why is it so. OK nobody is playing any game because of the soundtrack, but listening only to one soundtrack over and over and over again gets really iritating after some time. Wouldn't it be better to mix all the soundtrack's together for all nations.
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    If you're looking for more sources of information, try our development forum or the wiki

    Regarding the sound, that was what our development resources for sound could produce.
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