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Thread: Unpredictable II - RandomHoI3 2.3 FTM - War in the East

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    First I wish to offer my apologies for suddenly dropping of the radar. It was quite literally Skyrim's fault... and then BF3... and then university work got in the way and by the time that was done I only had a short time before I got about a ton of more work to do two weeks later, and so I forgot about doing this AAR. Not completely but I haven't really had the time to sit down for a long session recently.

    Second, this isn't a promise that can be set in stone, however at the end of May I will be returning home for the summer which gives me about 4 months of free time to fill up. So I really would like to try and resurrect this AAR some point after May because of its individuality and also because it was just left at a loose end very early on in its life. As I said this isn't 100% certain, I can't predict the future and there are several games coming out that I would like to get and it depends on how hooked I get. But be on the look out in about a months time.

    EU4 Mods used: Extended Timeline, A Song of Fire and Ice - Alpha, Bigger Diplomacy View, Better Color Map Modes v1.0, A Simple Map Borders Mod

    Hearts of Iron 3 AARs
    Napoleonic Dreams AAR
    Ended 28/5/2010
    Unpredictable AAR - Random HoI3 - SuiciSpai Approved
    15/5/2011 - 20/9/2011 - Finished
    Unpredictable II - RandomHoI3 2.3 FTM 3.05
    Prematurely Ended November 2011

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    Good to know that this isn't dead

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