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Thread: Sell me this game!

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    Sell me this game!

    So, Sengoku was released. As a mindless Paradox fan, I will probably buy it sooner or later.

    Why should I buy it now? Paradox games are traditionally buggy and shallow until several patches, add-ons and mods. Follows Sengoku these examples?
    I read some of the reviews, but I rather listen to the advice of the people who played Vic2, EU3 etc like me.

    Tell me the pros/cons of Sengoku as it is now for you!

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    If you start as a small clan, a vassal, a daimyo:

    big pro: so many things can happen. One assassination, one marriage, one disease and the map is deeply changed. The most unpredictable event can come out of the smallest decision. Always the feeling that you can pull out of any situation. I have not played a game where I am pushed down to courtier rank but even at this moment, I predict I would feel everything can still happen.

    big con: once you have blobbed up to a certain (low) critical mass, the feeling that anything can happen to your blob clan does not exist. Game collapses quite fast.

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    I think this thread should be of interest to you, Meothar.

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    I will have to say this is exactly the type of Japanese computer game I have been waiting years for. I highly recommend it to anyone who like character management.
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