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Thread: The Manual is Awesome!!

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    The Manual is Awesome!!

    My copy just arrived in the mail, late cos the world cups made everything messy, and id just like to say that the Manual is awesome! and really helpful and good.
    alot of people were complaining about over in the CK2 forum, about the lack of a tutorial in Sengoku, and its really not needed as everything is there written down and printed up beautifully!, clear and accessible, so thanks, i kinda thought after a few of your others being PDF files that theyre werent something still done but its great that they are and i look forward to CK2 and all your future games one too.
    Great Work!!!
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    Yeah, this is a major reason I still prefer to buy retail. Sengoku's manual, while having a few errors (and a section missing, it seems) really helped me prepare for the game. I don't like PDF manuals so I'm really appreciative of the paper one for Sengoku.

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    Be sure to read the manual corrections!


    Paradox games are one of the few where I actually advise reading the -whole- manual before starting to do anything... they're just that complex!

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