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Thread: First picture from my new map

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    First picture from my new map

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm working on a new map at the moment and I thought that since one of my residential area's is nearly finished I would put a shot of that here and see what you all think of it?

    As you can see from the minimap window I've got a small island and a larger area seperated by a large area of water so my plan for this map is to have the smaller island as the main city centre and have that linked by both express and local subway lines as well as Cross river buses via the bridge and also offer the option of ferry's too that will link it to the larger area of land.

    My plan for the larger body of land is to have that as various residential area's ranging from suburbs and housing estates but also have small local town centres to cater for people who don't want to go too far.

    But to also provide farms and area's of recreation as I've also put in a golf course and numerous parks.

    I did try and build the airport on the smaller island but I might move that to the larger body of land and serve that with metro and buses. Since in my test game the airport won't operate so maybe it needs to move over to the larger island to have enough room?

    I hope you like the look of the residential area as I've based this on area's of housing that have rear yards instead of gardens and each yard is connected by an alley with gates so it would be easy for residents to reach their bins on bin lorry day.

    More pictures will be added soon I just wanted to post this first and see what you all think as it's still a work in progress.

    Best wishes


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    Interesting map! I think it looks good! Really like those maps where you have to connect an island/islands.

    Btw. maybe you should have created this thread in "User modifications" rather than on the main "page".

    Anyways, good luck with the map

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