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Thread: Buildings in SRI for DW

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    Buildings in SRI for DW

    The only option that even makes me consider buying DW is the new building system. The ability to stay small, play a RP game and still compete on a more-or-less equal level with the empires around the world. What really put me off were the overwhealming benefits of the buildings when compared to the actual provinces. EU3 was always different from other games, since the countries played very differently from one another and always had a special flavour. Being able to add over 5000 MP to a province with an original amount of 500 seems very very wrong.

    I read in the SRI description for DW that the buildings were rebalanced, but I was unable to find a detailed description. Could somebody please describe how the buildings were rebalanced. No need to be overly specific, a general description of the ideas behind the rebalance with some examples will suffice.

    Additionally, do the hordes work in a similar way to the original DW? If not, it is probably not a big deal, as I usually start during the 1492 scenario, when they are broken up and on their way out. But it would still be nice to know, whether (hopefully) the new mechanics are eliminated from the mod entirely.

    I would really appreciate your answers, as I always felt that EU lacked economic detail and the building system gives me hope to play a totally new and improved game.

    I would also like to note that SRI is GREAT!

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    Thanks, '7!

    Horde mechanism are in SRI, but truces between Horde Wars are 25 years, to spare you the constant state of war.

    Compared to vanilla, buildings give smaller benefits, cost more, and have higher requirements to build them. They also come with the occasional detriment, like higher revolt risk.

    If you build a complete set of ground-level buildings in a province, the benefits and detriments tend to balance each other out.

    Top-tier buildings (where the five 'paths' are mutually exclusive; so you can only reach into the top tier on one of the five paths) also have negative effects, which cannot be balanced out with buildings.

    In a nutshell, buildings are less of a 'max them all out'-no brainer, and more of a strategic decision.
    Mourning Magna Mundi

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    Helius, you have just sold another game for Paradox! Thank you for the reply, I am going to purchase and try out DW with SRI as soon as I have a free day.

    Best of all and keep up the good work!

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    Glad to hear it. I think you will enjoy DW. It is quite good, even in vanilla. :-)
    Mourning Magna Mundi

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    Due to the lack of time I was only able to have a few quick "pre-games", but it seems to me that the buildings were balances too much to the other extreme. I often (most of the time) found myself in a situation, where I had free funds and magistrates available, but still opted not to construct any buildings. The benefits did not outweigh the potential expense, in fact, it was far more beneficial for me to let the ducats sit in my treasury as a rainy day fund.

    I unfortunatelly do not have the time to provide detailed calculations, but it seems that the time it takes for the economic building to pay for themselves is immense. Based on my memory the four initial buildings that boost tax increase it by a total of 1 (perhaps a bit more). As they cost at least a 100 ducats to build (and once again, probably more), it means that they will pay for themselves during 400 years. Which seems a bit absurd.

    From what I understand buildings should represent an alternative to conquest. It should be possible to develop and keep on track with other powers either by conquest or through internal development. I did not think it possible with the current balance.

    I can accept that due to my limited attempts at the game I may be wrong in my initial assessment, but weighing the pros and cons of buildings during gameplay I did not see a single one that would be worth my money or pay for itself in any reasonable amount of time. Some from the higher tier may be beneficial, but when you factor in the cost of prerequired lower tier buildings, even they seem useless. Perhaps somebody can comment on my initial thoughts? Am I way off? Is there a hidden idea that I do not see?

    PS. As a matter of comparison, we used to have the workshop with a +2 to tax and the constable with a +50% to direct tax. As SRI cuts base tax by two these buildings were beneficial and the game seemed balanced. These building are now gone, a number of significantly weaker and much more expensive ones have replaced them. I currently am unable to see the logic.

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