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Thread: Mare Nostrum – lessons from Abyssinia. 1936 Italy Grand Campaign, FTM 3.05

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    Mare Nostrum – lessons from Abyssinia. 1936 Italy Grand Campaign, FTM 3.05

    Rome. March 5. 1936

    «Il Duce, I am happy to inform you that we have taken Addis Abeba and Emperor Selassie has agreed to our terms. We have won the war.»

    «This is good news, minister Ciano, thank you. Send for the finest Prosecco and Jung, Pariani and Cavgnari, lessons are to be learnt from this.»

    Rome. March 11. 1936

    "Gentlemen, we live in dangerous times. I want you all to use the experience from Ethiopia to prepare us all for a war in Europe, because we will have one."
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    This is my first AAR ever. So please don't hesitate with feedback of all kinds. I will try to post a little update almost every day, the road to victory may be long.

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    I think in AARs everything goes, so just don't restrict yourself. One never knows, what people would like. Have fun!

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    Italy in 1936 has a quite formidable army and navy in size, but lacks modern equipment and training. We will use the next few years modernizing, and also expanding and modernizing the air force. One of the problems of the army is the officers hierarchy. Cuts must be made here to make it a more effective organization. Number of armies must probably be cut in half, corps organized in more specialized units.

    We will produce artillery cannons and small specialized garrison units to guard our ports from enemy invasions, this to make our army more effectice in both offensive and defensive operations. All ports should be guarded for the homeland to be safe.

    I predict there will be a war with the western powers in some years time and we must use the time we have to strenghten our possessions. Eyes will be open for opportunities, but main targets for expansion will mainly be around the mediterranean - Greece, Turkey, Spain, Yugoslavia and when/if we are to war with UK and France- Northern Afrika.

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    Showing production in september '36

    Visiting Berlin

    Mid '36, there is a coup in Spain, led by General Franco

    It doesn't go as planned, and Franco is imprisoned in Toledo, awaiting trials

    Showing the newly organized and strenghtened defence along the French border

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    December '37, showing organization of garrisons in north-central Italy

    In march '38 Germany swallows Austria. As Germany expands, it becomes increasingly important to maintain good relations with them. Maybe some day we will fight side by side against the puny democrats or bolsheviks...

    April '38, the germans have accepted us in to their league of extraordinary states, and promises to defend us if we should be attacked by the western powers.

    This is the guarantee we need to start expanding on our own... We will immediately start planning for an invasion of Greece. Cooperation between navy and army units is of utmost importance in this kind of operation. By now we have an entire corps of mountaneers trained in the alps, ready for this duty. This will be the big test of our armed forces, if we can do this fast and without too heavy losses - we can do anything. It will also test the patience of the western powers, so our defence in the west and along the coast is on red alert. The airforce will be kept on the ground except for patrols along the coast, in case of enemy intervention...

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    April '38. Order for general mobilization is givern to all armed forces

    Our navy moving into position for invasion on the greek coast

    Declaration of war is delivered to the greek embassy in Rome

    A corps of mountaneers landing outside of Athens storming the city immediately catching the greek forces totally by surprise

    Another corps made up from regular infantry units and colonial troops from Eritrea lands near Thessaloniki

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    Never seen the Republicans win the civil war. O_O

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    Looks interesting; I will follow.
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    Seems our methods are working. No tough losses. No answer or intervention from foreign states. These so called major powers in the west are obviously overrated.

    This may be the beginning of a beautiful balkan blitz. By invading Bulgaria we will get access to Black sea ports, which will be immensely valuable in a possible future war with the Soviet Union. Also, it will give us a common border with Yugoslavia (the prize of the balkans) from three sides. We are still prepared to meet an intervention from UK and France, but the farther east we go the bigger the chance of Soviet intervention. As long as they doesn't get a passage through Turkey or Romania we will be safe. Our navy is significantly stronger than theirs, but their air force will probably be a menace....

    Only one way to find out

    Out of fear for our great armies, Albania decides to give us passage through their lands

    A declaration of war against Bulgaria is followed by attacks along the border and within two weeks our first troops arrive at the gates of Sofia

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    Continuing north and east towards the port city of Varna, one of the main objectives of the war. Stiff resistance in the city itself and particularly in the port area, the bulgarians are tough fighters but not well prepared...

    Soon after the fall of Varna, the Bulgarian government surrenders and Italian forces take over the rest of the country

    July 11. '36
    The first armored units are now under production, scheduled to arrive at their division in february next year. Two super-modern aircraft carriers are also under construction in the wharf of Taranto.

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    After about three weeks of preparation and relaxation in the fun-houses of Sofiya, the expedition continues. This time also joined by forces from the Venezia military district, including a corps of solely motorized units (some of these are motorized by horses, but nevertheless...)

    From the south and east

    From the northwest

    As our divisions penetrate deep into enemy territory in a matter of days, our troops start to feel that nothing is impossible - maybe not even conquering France!

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    The attack on Beograd, going well

    With Beograd occupied, and troops moving in from the north-west, it's just a matter of time before they will surrender...

    Great success!

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    I'm watching this one, for sure.

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    September 6, 1938

    So far research has been focused towards land doctrines mostly, with some naval and industry, we have also kept up to date in the development of various small arms and support weapons for the infantry and special forces

    Showing the european part of the Italian Empire

    When fighting these last wars in the balkans, we have learnt thathigh naval and air force activity consumes fuel far faster than expected, and our reserves are low. We will therefore buy as much oil as fast as possible, starting with the USA - known for their vast reserves

    Visiting Hitler again, this time in Mόnich. While we are there we sign an agreement giving the Sudet areas of Czechoslovakia to Germany, sounds like agood idea.

    Chamberlain showing his satisfaction with the Mόnich agreement

    Meanwhile, our intelligence services reports the republicans have exploited the fuzz around this meeting in Mόnich to execute General Franco. This can not be tolerated - the evil spaniards needs to be given a lesson in diplomatic etiquette.

    Orders are given for a fleet to assemble at La Spezia together with an entire army of the balkan veterans...

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    November 1st, 1938
    War is declared on Republican Spain

    From the sea, and totally surprising the spanish, we land troops in Mallorca and Tarragona at the same time. Hungary are inviting us for a banquet to celebrate...

    Mid november, our first aircraft carrier is ready for trials in the Adriatic sea.

    Quickly capturing Barcelona, our mountaineers move north and west in the pyrenees

    Another landing in Valencia with troops moving inland south west

    After 25 days

    While our forces in the north east are regrouping and reinforcing, a third landing is made in Andalucia moving towards Sevilla and Malaga

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    Navy patrolling along the coast, and bombers based at Mallorca flying missions inland every day. The spanish are the hardest foes yet, but it's still nothing more than a walk in the park for the now mighty italian military. The plan foreward is to link up the three fronts and move on to Madrid, we expect them to surrender when Madrid is on our hands

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    Subscribed =)

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    You're still using the Militias you retrieved from Ethiopia. Any plans what will happen with those? Update into something else or disband once more IC is available for regulars?

    What are your spies doing?

    With Spain gone, I assume there'll only be Hungary left in Europe, since you seem keen on avoiding a border with the Soviet Union. This could mean a time of preparation until late '39.

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    You need to edit out the naughty armband the Fuehrer is wearing in one of your images there. I might also recommend you do something to reduce the file size of your images, this page took me a while to load and I have a cable modem.

    I'm surprised you built a Carrier, there's nothing you should really need it for.

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