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Thread: Sign up for the AARlander!

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    Sign up for the AARlander!

    Dear reader, after some months of discussion the Moderators on this forum decided to start a tread to see if the interest to restart the so called AARlander was big or small or nonexistent. After a time and after many responses in the started tread the interest seemed high enough and so we decided to restart the AARlander, now you might wonder what the AARlander is and this is what I will tell you.

    The AARlander is a forum project which can involve a variety of people from big to small, many too few. This is a so called ‘’Newspaper’’ for the forum where we review AARs, Mods, interview people sometimes, giving out historical articles and anything in between or something g special if a forum member asks If he/she can do it. This is not only to entertain the forum but to keep the interest in the forums high, though I doubt they will ever fade, but it is also a project for people to collaborate and evolve their writing skills and such.

    So the AARlander has been Reborn and I have been put in charge of this project and we now need people to write for us, yes, we need so called forum journalists, yes I just made that name up but if you feel like it, and if you write for the AARlander you can add it to your sign for example ‘’Writing Journalists to the AARlander’’ something that seems flashy.

    For those that want to see an old AARlander or the most recent here is the link and I really ask you to click it and think over if you would like to join us. March 2010 issue of AARlander

    And now if you have thought it over and would like to join us then sign up here or just PM me (Derahan) and I will see if there is a spot for you. AARlander sign up tread


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