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Thread: 100% In-Character Roleplay Village

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    ... so how bout the world reset?

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    Holding off on Salem with the world reset. People are already in alpha.

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    I'm in for both Salem and H and H.

    This sounds epic, RP does eem to be dead in MMORPG's these days.

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    Its hard to manage in Haven and Hearth, truth be told. I tried it out in various forms, and roleplaying only came at severe expense to productivity and the ability to compete. The game is just too time consuming, and there are too few things that can be done "while" roleplaying.

    Salem, in its current incarnation, is an even worse culprit of these problems.
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    I'm looking to find my bearings in Salem before the beta starts, if roleplaying just means staying in character than I'm down. I do that anyways. But I won't be adding imaginary rules to the games and such. Political meetings are fine, even non-RP villages should have meetings. In the end though, I'm in Salem for Salem. If I didn't want to play a game and I just wanted to straight up RP I'd dust off D&D.

    Edit: I'd also like the H&H info, something to do while I wait for Salem.
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