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Thread: The 2nd Komnenian Restoration - a video AAR of Greece's rise to power

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    well it was Great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayorqw View Post
    I liked it very much. Congrats on making such a good AAR, and empire!
    Happy you enjoyed it as much as I did making it

    Quote Originally Posted by InnocentIII View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Cossack263 View Post
    well it was Great!
    Why Thanks!
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    I got to read this (watch it), as it's up for nominations for the VictAARian Cross 2011.

    Excellently done! Quite an accomplishment with little Greece -- alot more challenging considering it had so many strong neighbors.

    The wars with Italy were especially impressive. Didn't you have 3 wars with Egypt, not just 2? I think you counted two wars as the 2nd Greco-Egyptian War or something. I may be wrong.

    Anyway, great work! Novel idea, to do a video AAR.

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