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Thread: ending the Samoa War

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    ending the Samoa War

    Prussia declared war over the Samoa crisis. In my noobness, I can barely handle the Cherokee and Dakotas, let alone a war versus a Great Power.

    I sent them what I think is a white peace, and I'm still waiting whether they will accept it or not. What I'd really like to do is send a treaty to Prussia, saying, "OK, you can have the damn islands," (even at the cost of prestige points) but that option appears to be unavailable.

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    You will not show up in Berlin and they not in Washington and all early naval war is piffpoff. So relax and concentrate upon the tribes homeland and hunt them down with cav divisions. Only Mexico and Brit are of any vital interest to US in early years.

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    You can't relinquish control of Samoa, if you don't have protectorate or better status there... Although you can up the chance of a peace if you are ok in adding some money to the bargain (war reparations!). That said, even if no serious actions take place between you and them, war weariness can eat a bit your national morale, so this can potentially harms your war efforts against the Cherokee or lower your national population contentment.

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    This seems to be a funny war... Prussia without a Navy that can challenge the US Navy vs the USA without an Army able to challenge Prussia. But the good thing is that there is a good chance that no one will be killed ;-) For me it seems that after the last beta patches such useless wars were rare - so the ai (or the crisis solution) has improved a lot and we now have an generaly excellent game!!! Thanks to the team.
    Is the strenght of both sides of vital importance for a peace treaty? So for example will prussia realy acept a peace without a fight if they are 3-4 times stronger in military strength than the US (hey we are in 18.. not in the 21 century)?

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    yes, strength matters here, among others factors.

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