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Thread: ROTA 2.0 crashing!

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    ROTA 2.0 crashing!

    I'm trying to play this mod but every time i start a game it crashes after 1 month + some days. I've been playing the old mod with virtually no crashes. I'm playing through steam and on the highest resolution.

    Anyone else having crashes or might know whats wrong, then just fell free to ask for further info!
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    I'm also having this problem. I tried ROTA 2.0 briefly, began in the sandbox scenario as Pergamon. After a month or so I get a ctd. I haven't had time to test it much but it could be after I establish a trade link with one of the Egyptian factions, probably Aegyptus. Any potential solutions?
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    Go to the bugs and crashes thread in the ROTA thread and follow the instructions on how to report a crash.

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