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Thread: Weirdness in building roads

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    Weirdness in building roads

    In two seperate occasions.

    I am playing 1.01i (as SP) and Great Britain has, in two and a half years, upgraded the road systems of Kingston and St. Helena at least five times. What is up with that?

    Secondly, while I was improving the roads in Sardinia, I decided I might as well get them a rail network. Since the railroad was finished before the roads, this invalidated my roads decision and it was cancelled. Which I find rather odd.

    Also, can anyone tell me what I am supposed to do as SP during the Crimea War? I am currently giving the Allies my full emotional and moral support while keeping all my forces in strategic reserve (in Northern Italy) in case the Russians try something funny.
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    1) Are Kingston and St. Helena colonial regions? If thats the case than its wad that the road-improvement decision can be played more than once ... if not, its definitly a bug

    2) A rail-network 'includes' a road-netword

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