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Thread: Darkest Hour Map - Colorable and Smaller

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    Darkest Hour Map - Colorable and Smaller

    I've made the Darkest Hour map (provinces) editable. I took the map pack, scaled it, and redrew it with a pencil tool so it can be easily colored and modified. I originally made this map for an IOT (alternate history game) on Civ Fanatics Forum. My friends recommended I post it here. The map may have some mistakes, if you notice them please notify me. I hope you enjoy it

    The map:

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    Very nice! To my joy, this one works with Paint too.

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    Hawaii's a bit....blue

    But other than that it's a great job

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    Damn, I colored in the lakes in Russia/Finland white, and I forgot the falklands, sorry about that.

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    Thx! I love it!

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    Thank you!

    Any chance you upload the colored version too?
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    Guys, the OP is from 2011, and the guy has only 5 posts. If that is not necroposting...
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